Arm and Hammer Carpet and Room Deodorizer

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Don't Mask The Odors- Use Arm And Hammer Carpet & Room Deodorizer!

Jun 3, 2007 (Updated Jun 6, 2007)
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Pros:Makes your house smell fresh and appealing, easy to use, reasonably priced.

Cons:You still need to clean your carpets intermittently.

The Bottom Line: For a safe to use product (for your pets & kids) Arm and Hammer has an easy to use, effective, nice smelling product. I definitely recommend it!

Are you like me? Of course you aren't. We are all different people with unique needs and preferences. Seriously, I think most people want their home to smell fresh and clean, and some prefer a nice scent that appeals to them, rather than a neutral one. I have 2 dogs and 2 kitties, so of course I have to be mindful that my place smells the way I want it to, and not a smell that draws stray cats, dogs and goats ambling down the street to my house. I did actually have a goat living down the street from me many years ago. No, not referring to the jerky guy across the street, though he comes and goes from time to time. We did actually have a goat down the street from me. Imagine my surprise when I didn't have my glasses on or contacts in, and saw this "strange looking dog" meandering down the street. Found out in time our neighbors got a goat. Anyway, I am losing the gist of this review.

I have used Arm and Hammer Carpet and Room deodorizer off and on for many years for the following reasons:

Manufacturer claims:

* Absorbs & eliminates odors using the safe ingredient of baking soda

* Really freshens the room-doesn't merely cover it up

* It is harmless around my pets.

* Adds a great fragrance.


Comes in a 21 oz box container with an easy-to-pull-off small flip top.

Scent options:

As far as I know this just comes in 3 scents. At least the ones I am familiar with are Pet Fresh, Island Mist or Wildflower. I generally prefer the Pet Fresh for obvious reasons.

Directions for use:

They suggest your sprinkle all over your carpet, or of course, where you find the need. Next, wait about 15 minutes and totally vacuum up the sprinkles. Of course, they suggest you will be happiest (and so will they) if you use every time you want to/need to vacuum. If you have more serious odors they advise you to wait longer before vacuuming. They suggest you not use if the carpet is wet or moist. Wait until it dries before using. Of course my pets are perfect (in my dreams) but for yours, if they have accidents the manufacturers suggest you blot up the problem area, put your pet on the naughty step or merely give him/her a time-out (kidding sort of),let it dry (the problem area, not the pet)then sprinkle all over that area, wait a half hour and then vacuum.

You can use this product on:

~*~Pet Bedding

~*~Upholstery if you wish

~*~Carpeting, carpet steps of course

My experience:

My carpeting is pretty old and a medium brown shade. It is not a deep pile, nor is it new, so I do not feel a need to try products on a "test area". Many of you with new carpet, or very expensive carpet would be wise to do so however. The directions will advise you on how to go about that. Moving on, I easily opened the product and poured it out lightly over the carpeting over the entire house, though it apply it more carefully in areas with more traffic, or more inhabited by pets. I find that this product works extremely well, and it does not exacerbate my allergies or cause problems for my pets. The only downfall is that you have to be very careful to vacuum up all the dry little pieces of the product. I am quite pleased with this product and have continued to use it. I am giving it 4 stars.

Final thoughts and recommendations:

I recommend this product for those who prefer a dry carpet/room deodorizer to a foam or other moist product. I do suggest that you use a steam cleaner at least twice a year if you have messy pets or kids or spouses/significant others, or hire a carpet cleaning company. This product will help you during the times that that is not possible, or you don't want the hassle/expense.

Thanks for reading!


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