Average dishwasher if you can stand the noise.

Mar 3, 2006
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Pros:Reliable, does OK job of cleaning dishes.

Cons:Timer ticks too loudly, NOISY!!

The Bottom Line: It does an OK job of cleaning, but the noise will drive you batty!

We purchased this unit for our condo which was being rented out at the time. It was a bare-bones model and did an average job of getting the dishes clean. We've since moved back into the condo ourselves and with the open plan kitchen/dining/living room area we finally had to upgrade because of the noise level of this machine.

This dishwasher has 5 push-button controls and a rotary dial wash-selection. It also has a telescoping tower and soil settler (more on this item later), and most other things you'd expect from a low-end model.

For the most part this dishwasher did an OK job. We never rinse our dishes, but we do scrape them. I absolutely hate doing dishes and won't wash anything unless I have to (like the good non-stick pans).

What I didn't like:

First that soil settler. It is basically just a hollow in the bottom of the dishwasher which has a "grate" over it - preventing large food items from going into the motor (I guess?). Well if there happened to be a few peas or some corn that wasn't scraped off it would all collect in this area and at least every other week we'd have to take a paper towel to remove the 'old soggy food' that had collected there. It isn't a removable filter or anything of that sort. It was gross and somewhat annoying.

The telescoping tower: If you have big pans or pots this thing is a nightmare. I had to put my pressure cooker in at an angle and then it was too tall to clear the bottom of the top rack.

Some of my other pans and cookie sheets were also too tall and had trouble clearing the top rack.

When glasses/mugs touched each other, dirt would collect there. Sometimes certain items had to be washed twice and occasionally (once a month) whole loads would need a second run.

The timer ticked LOUDLY when the cycle was done. We never used the drying cycle, but it would allow time anyway. It would annoy me so much I'd get up to go and stop the cycle.

The noise. This may not be a problem if you have a kitchen to which you can close the door. To us it sounded like it was grinding down the dishes during the wash and reconstituting them when it was done. We could hardly hear the TV and when the dishwasher was done and turned off - we're realize just how loud the TV was!!!

What I did like: It washed better than the GE model I reviewed in 2002. The cutlery basket in my model was large.
It never gave us any trouble as much as repairs or failing to operate. At least it was reliable.

So... the final analysis: if it is a choice between nothing or this model - go for it. Much better models aren't a whole lot more money.... get something better.

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