Tori at the Fabulous Fox Theatre (Atlanta)

Oct 5, 2001

The Bottom Line Tori always puts on a good show.

So, my best friend missleigh was getting tickets for free from a local radio station (99X) to see Tori Amos at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Atlanta. We did not, however, know what the seats would be like. I hate to leave stuff up to someone else (the radio station, not Leigh), so I bought my own pair of tickets. After getting Leigh’s tickets and deciding that hers were better (not by much – hers were row BB right center orchestra and mine were row U, far left) and selling mine on eBay, we were off to the concert. (Note: We saw her husband, Mark Hawley, having a cigarette outside while waiting in line. Bonus.)

I’d never been to the Fox, which I think was a church at one time. Someone told me that when I saw it, I’d never believe someone once wanted to tear it down. He was right. It is a beautiful building, and just right for a Tori Amos concert.

The stage was set with a background and foreground panels made of what looked like parachute material. Different colors and effects were projected onto them during the show. Sometimes solid colors, color blends, cloud or tree branch effects were used. A few times the lights were shone into the audience, thus temporary blinding some of us. There was a table to the right with three or four pictures of the characters from her new album, Strange Little Girls.

This was my first time seeing Tori in an enclosed building, and I must say the sound was superb. It was the best sounding show I’ve ever been to. I could not see her too well from row BB, but I did see lots of stomping, writhing, and hair tossing. She had on a red satin pajama type thing (looks like a pair of my pajamas) with straight hair.

The crowd was generally well behaved, though there were a few a s s holes screaming at inopportune times. I think it depended on where you sat, because others complained of nonstop talkers. We were lucky in that respect.

I was very impressed with the set list she chose (listed below). She played at least one song from each of her six albums, and many b-sides. She only played a song each from To Venus and Back and from the choirgirl hotel, but that may be because of the abundance electronic or “plugged” songs on those. It was just her, a Bosendorfer piano, a Wurlitzer, and a Fender Rhodes keyboard.

She seemed to play on and on with little talk in between songs. I was wondering if she was a robot toward the end. Her voice, however, was perfect. She did tell a couple of stories – one about taking her daughter, Natashya (Tash) to the Zoo Atlanta, and one about how “perfect” Atlanta weather is. (She should have been here a month ago when we were baking.) At one point, she waved a guy down at the exit in the aisle near us and asked him to close a curtain. Apparently the light coming in was distracting her. She said, “The guy in the tie. Hi!!!”

Set List/Notes
'97 Bonnie & Clyde (Strange Little Girls) – She did this from backstage, very dramatic. A picture of the character for this song was displayed in front of a black shredded curtain, which drops at last dramatic surge of music. Excellent. I got chills.

Past The Mission (Boys for Pele)

Upside Down (B-side)

Take To The Sky (B-side) – I was so glad to hear this live, as I never have before. She banged her left hand on the piano for percussion during most of it, with which the audience clapped along.

China (Under the Pink)

I Don't Like Mondays (SLG)

Beauty Queen/Horses (BFP) – I was also thrilled to hear this. Fabulous.

Leather (Little Earthquakes) – She really seems to have fun with this one, as does the audience.

Lust (To Venus and Back)

Rattlesnakes (SLG)

This Old Man/Crucify (LE) – This Old Man intro/improv. This was a more drawn out version, which almost sounded like Rattlesnakes to me.

Marianne (BFP)

Me and a Gun (LE) - Breathtaking, as usual. The crowd was pretty well behaved. This is a cappella, for those who don’t know. At a show in ’98, she actually had to tell someone to shut up.

Somewhere Over The Rainbow (B-side) – This was a great follow up to Me and a Gun.

1st Encore:
Enjoy The Silence (SLG) - I like the live version much better than the album version.

Baker Baker (UTP)

2nd Encore:
Beulah Land (B-side) – Before this she said, “This song is for you guys.”

Playboy Mommy (from the choirgirl hotel)

Landslide (B-side) - This was a total surprise, and a great ending.

As usual, this show was something I’ll always remember. To quote her, “…it’s a theatre piece I want to put on.” She certainly took us on a journey. During her radio interview the morning before the show, she mentioned that original material is in the works. I’ll be along for that trip, too.

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