World's Shortest Full-Size Umbrella

World's Shortest Full-Size Umbrella

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World's Shortest Full-Size Umbrella from the Sharper Image: Truly pocket sized

Aug 30, 2006
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Pros:Compact, concealable, convenient, for light duty, great as a child's umbrella

Cons:Not quite pocket change, poor coverage vs. standard umbrella

The Bottom Line: An alternative to the full-sized umbrella.

I previously thought I would not find myself as a customer for the Sharper Image, a specialty retailer, because their stores hardly offer anything of good value. Most of their products are design and produced under their label however there's some name brand names appear such as Motorola®, Magellan® and Oakley®. Ionic Breeze® air purifiers are essential if you have allergies. Multi functional recliners are a treat but out of my price range. How many versions of the Robosapiens can you buy in a lifetime? Life is not fair.

The skies this August looked ominously dark and about to rain as I strolled through NYC. I head towards the Sharper Image store near 57th Street and Fifth Ave and browsed the umbrella stand. There I spied an item that claims to be the World's Shortest Full-Size Umbrella. The tag enumerated the features as follows:

● Manual open and close

● Ultra-lightweight aluminum frame weighs less than 7 ounce.

● Windproof design with flexible plastic ribs.

● Made of poly pongee material for a tighter less wrinkled look.

● Teflon®-coated for water and stain resistance.

● Opens to a generous 40-inch arc.

● Closes flat and measures on 6¼ inches long.

● Wrist strap.

As I left the store with fifteen dollars lighter, I peeled off the nylon covering to reveal the umbrella to the elements. It measures the size of an eyeglass case (6" x 1 1/2") and requires manual operation to deploy. The day showered down with little wind down along broad 57th street. I soon noticed my feet and pants were fast becoming damp. My backpack also became exposed to the rain but from my torso up was dry. The short handle felt sturdy and comfortable. A gust of wind blew from nearby Columbus Circle and tried to up end the umbrella. Due to it's metal and plastic ribbing construction, the little bumbershoot held strong.

Once inside in dry confines and left to drain afterwards, I managed to carefully tuck and fold it back to it's unique flat configuration - like origami or folding back unwieldy maps. The umbrella packs nicely in you case, purse or your cargo pants' pocket. The next day, it rained again I brought my trusty golf umbrella and noticed the difference. With it's 60" arc coverage, I and my backpack managed to be overall dry. I lent my compact version to my seven year-old niece who happened to enjoy it's application. So size, in my humble opinion, is proportionate to rain protection.

Sharper Image offers a full one-year warranty. Overall, as an emergency umbrella, it's a fair substitute for a full-size umbrella, although; I do take umbrage, forgive the pun, of it being called "full-size".

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