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Easy-Off BAM

Mar 14, 2006
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Pros:works quickly with minimal elbow grease

Cons:stronger scent than I like

The Bottom Line: BAM! Your dirt, grime, soap scum and lime are gone.

An Advertiser’s Dream

I really and truly am an advertiser’s dream. I am one of the few people I know who actually watches the commercials–almost as closely as I watch the program they interrupt. A good commercial can get me to buy something I might not normally.

When I saw a commercial for Easy-Off BAM I was interested. I am always looking for a good ’bathroom’ cleaner. With a husband who is a farmer (think MASSIVE quantities of dirt) and four children ages 5-10 things like grime and soap scum can collect quickly. Not to mention that we live in a place that has exceptionally hard water that tends to leave lime scale on nearly every surface.

The next time I happened to run out of my bathroom cleaner, I decided to give Easy-Off BAM.

Using Easy-Off BAM

Easy-Off BAM comes in a convenient trigger bottle. To ready the bottle you have to press and hold down a tab on the top while twisting the nozzle. It’s pretty easy but does take two hands, so grown-ups can open it easily and it will keep most kids out.

Use is super-easy. You simply spray Easy-Off BAM directly onto the desired surface (you may want to spot-check in an inconspicuous place first just to make sure it’s not going to do anything to the finish) or apply to a sponge and dab it on. Let it stand for 1 minute, then wipe the area and rinse with fresh water.

Claims vs. My Experience

Eliminates Grime
Rips Through Soap Scum

Yes, yes, yes! Easy-Off BAM is great at removing all sorts of dirty grime from a variety of surfaces. It gets all the nasty gunk off my shower curtain (my kids aren’t so good about closing it and the gunk likes to build up in the folds), the bathtub, the fixtures and more!

What’s more, it cuts through the grime and soap scum with very little elbow grease needed.

Powerful Foaming Action
There’s some sort of screen on the end of the nozzle on a bottle of Easy-Off BAM that causes the product to spray out in a thick foam (with a fairly strong fume scent). This foam makes the product easier to direct exactly where you want it.

Dissolves Hard Water and Rust Stains in Seconds
Ummmmm, not so much. While Easy-Off BAM will remove hard water and rust stains, it certainly doesn’t do it in seconds and it takes more elbow grease to accomplish than cleaning grime or soap scum.

Does Not Scratch Surfaces
Quite honestly, I’m not sure why they tout this as a selling point since I’ve never seen a cleanser spray that did scratch surfaces. However, they claim this and I can say that it is true.

My Recommendation

Easy-Off BAM is one of the better soap scum, grime and lime cleaners I’ve used in a while. I recommend it for anyone!

Recommended Uses

I use Easy-Off BAM mainly in my bathtub, on my shower curtain and on the shower walls. It also works on general bathroom cleaning and the kitchen sink.

On the bottle of Easy-Off BAM they recommend it for use in the following areas:
*Outdoor cleaning
*Vinyl fences

Uses to Avoid (From Bottle)

*Natural Marble
*Polished or anodized aluminum
*Metallic or painted surfaces
*Colored grout or countertops


Keep out of reach of children!

Don’t swallow it, get it in your eyes or get it on your skin.

Do not get on your clothing.

Use in a well-ventilated area and avoid breathing the fumes.

Do not mix it with other chemicals.

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