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Glad Recycling Bags - Doing My Part To Save The Earth!

Mar 16, 2006
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Pros:Great for large families or those who have limited pick-ups, sturdy.

Cons:Hard to find!!!

The Bottom Line: Sick of fumbling with small grocery sacks that double as recycling bags? Get Glad's Recycling Bags and do your part to recycle!

No matter where I live, I have neighbors that hate me. Usually things start out on the right foot but somewhere along the way, thing go awry. Sometimes it’s my tacky lawn ornaments or my propensity to over decorate for holidays that turns people off and some times it’s something as small and insignificant as where I put my trash bags. We have a once a week pick up for trash and recycling; you toss your stuff out at night and when you get up in the morning it’s gone. About three months ago I woke up, went to get the paper and saw all my trash bags neatly stacked up on my front lawn. OK, it was a Twin Peaks moment minus the music and Kyle McLaughlin. After hauling all the bags into the garage I started trying to figure out exactly what happened. We have some pranksters in the area and that was the first thing I thought of ... but why was I singled out? That’s when the neighbor to the right of me spoke up, “Mr. Henson doesn’t like trash bags blocking his driveway”. Mr. Henson? The man that offered to help me carry in furniture? Watered my lawn during the summer? Helped me paint the front of the house? It seemed hard to believe that someone who was so nice could do something so bizarre.

When I finally saw him I asked him if he was the one who stacked the bags up on my lawn. He admitted, without any hesitation, the he did. He was sick of having to move the recycle bags out of the way when he would back out in the morning. I never put anything even remotely close to his driveway. That’s when I started learning more and more about Mr. Henson. He’s the kind of guy that will take his shoveled show and dump it around your car just so you have to dig it out. He’s the kind of person that complains when kids are making too much noise in the pool. He’s the neighbor from hell. Well, he met his match because I can give just as good as I get. Enter the Glad Recycling Bags. If he thought I had a lot of recycling bags in the past ... wait until he catches a glimpse of these sitting by the curb. There’s a lot more to it than that ... he doesn’t recycle and around here, if you are caught tossing plastic, glass, aluminum or anything else that is on “the list” into your trash - you get a fine. So yes Mr. Henson, I am the one that snitched on you. Happy recycling!

Glad Recycling Bags

These are a great alternative if you are sick of using the grocery sacks that you get at the store; they come in several sizes so no matter if you have a large family or live alone - there is one that’s the perfect pick for your recycling needs. I’ve purchased both of the blue sized bags but not the clear ones; in my area they request that you place all recyclable items in the blue bags to they are distinguishable from the regular trash. Both the large outdoor trash bags and the kitchen sized 13 gallon ones are strong and sturdy and will hold more than a modest amount of weight. Since most recycled materials are empty plastic bottles, metals cans and laundry bottles, they take up a lot of space but don’t weight a lot. If you are recycling glass then you might want to stick with the 13 gallon ones so they don’t get too heavy or rip on their way to the curb. It might seem like a complete waste to purchase these when you can get them for free from your grocery store or Wal-Mart but to me I would rather have one large bag hanging outside or in a trash can than to have to mess around with ten or fifteen small bags when I am doing the trash.


Glad makes the recycling bags in three different styles. The biggest is the 30 gallon ‘outdoor’ bag that comes in an eight count box and sells for about $2.29. These fit into most large trash cans and make quick work of recycling. The smaller one is the 13 gallon that fits inside most indoor trash cans and is designed for those who keep a special can in the kitchen for recycled items. These sell for about $2.59 for the 12 count box. The last one is the clear 13 gallon size; these are labeled as a recycling bag however most areas do ask that you place these items in the blue bags so the carrier can tell which bags are which when they are doing their route. All three have the built in handles so they are easier to carry and you can use them as a handle tie so you don’t have to contend with using twist ties.

Price & Availability

I found the twelve count box at my grocery store [after hunting for them for about three weeks] for $2.29. I guess everyone else was looking for them because the shelf was empty the next day when I went back to get a few more. I did have a .50 cent off coupon [that they double] so I only ended up paying $1.29 for the box - not bad at all and it sure beats having to haul ten small bags to the curb when the recycle truck comes. Kohl’s used to sell these but so far I haven’t been able to catch them when they restock them. Most of the local grocery stores don’t have these so they are either a ‘new’ product to their inventory system or they just don’t have the shelf space to carry them. It’s really important to read the box when you are buying these; they all look the same and it’s pretty easy to grab the smaller ones instead of the larger ones.

The Bottom Line

As I said, some people might see this as a waste of money when you can get these bags when you purchase groceries or when shopping at Wal-Mart. To me they are something that eliminates a lot of wasted trips to the curb and allows me to have one large bag outside hanging off the side of the house instead of a ton of small ones. I definately plan on stocking up on these when I have the coupons - they cut the price in half and are great when you have a lot of plastic items like laundry bottles to toss out. with more and more communities enforcing fines for not recycling people are starting to take this ‘recycling thing’ seriously. Mr. Henson wasn’t all that happy when he got a fine for mixing recyclable materials in with his regular trash nor was he pleased when he saw mountains of garbage and recycling bags out on Wednesday morning. I like the fact that these are strong and sturdy and have the handle tie feature to them. If you take recycling seriously then you will want to hunt high and low for these!

As always, thanks for the read!

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