3M Scotch Guard Protector for Fabric and Upholstery

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3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery: Keeps Your Upholstery Looking New Longer!

Mar 19, 2006
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Pros:Works very well to repel stains, keeps fabrics looking GOOD!

Cons:Vapors could be harmful to those with respiratory problems.

The Bottom Line: Keep your new furniture and/or upholstery in your car looking NEW LONGER!

I've been using 3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery since I first got married and bought new furniture. We purchased a sectional rust colored fabric sofa and of course wanted to protect the fabric. We purchased a can of 3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery. I have continued to use this product in the house on furniture and on our vehicle's upholstery.

Product Information

3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery comes in a 14 oz. can. It is not cheap but worth every cent you pay for it. This size can retails for $14.99.

3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery is used for repelling spills and stains on any fabric surface. It can be used on furniture, curtains, carpet, and your automobile upholstery if you have fabric. It will keep your fabric clean and looking newer longer.

It is a water-based formula with disappearing foam. Application is very easy. You will want to make sure that you apply to clean fabric and that it is color-safe. It is suggested by the manufacturer that you first test a small area of fabric for color-safeness (more on this under "Directions.") Thin fabrics will only need a light application where thick upholstery will need more. The directions state that one 14 oz. can will treat 1 or 2 chairs. A sofa will typically require up to 2 full cans.

Since this product is a preventative measure, it can be used annually to treat fabrics and upholstery. If you have children in your home, this product is worth it's weight in gold since it repels spills and therefore avoids staining.


To test for color safeness spray fabric until completely wet. Next, take a clean white cotton cloth and wipe the fabric. If you cloth remains clean and white, your fabric is ready to treat. If color comes off on the cloth, your fabric is not color-safe and therefore, you should stop the procedure now.

After your color-safe test is done and your fabric passed the test you are ready to begin. Shake can well. Hold can upright 6 inches away from fabric and spray fabric in an even sweeping motion until wet. The foam will disappear as it soaks into the fabric. It is suggested that you overlap as you go to another area to make sure fabric is evenly coated. Let fabric dry for 6-8 hours and your job is finished. If you have a light powder finish after your fabric has dried, you applied too much of the product. This can be easily brushed off.

My Experience With 3M Scotch Guard Protector

I have used this product for many years. I first started using it to protect new furniture fabric. It helps repel stains and spill which is a must if you have small children. My furniture survived many spills when my children were small. Liquid will roll off and not sink into the fabric if it is treated properly. This gives you time to get a towel to mop it up.

We also use 3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery in our vehicles to protect the upholstery. Both my husband's truck and mine have deluxe cloth seats. Since most vehicles come with an upholstery protection already, it is important to remember to reapply a protector in 6 months to a year. This will keep your seats looking nice without any stains. Of course, if you do not allow drinks or food in your vehicle you are already ahead of the game. Here in southern Louisiana, we have terrible potholes and hitting one just right will send any soft drink flying out of the holders.

The fumes are not as bad as some bathroom cleaners but those with sensitive respiratory systems should avoid being in room where applications are in progress. I let my husband do the work with this product since I have sensitive lungs.

All in all, this is a great product for extending the life and looks of your furniture and vehicle upholstery. It also saves you from having to clean so often.

Product Warnings

**The vapors and mist emitted from this product could be harmful to your health. Use only in ventilated areas. If you have respiratory problems, do not use this product.

**Contents are under pressure. Do not puncture or incinerate. Do not store in areas above 120 degrees.

**Use only as directed. Do not spray in mouth, ears, eyes or on skin surfaces.

**Keep children and pets off of furniture or sprayed areas until product is completely dry.

**Keep out of reach of children and pets!

Company Information

3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery is distributed by:

3M Home & Commercial Care Division
St. Paul, MN 55133-3053

Phone: 1-800-367-7683


I highly recommend 3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery. It was a life saver when my children were small. It seems like accidents always happen with spills when kids are in the house! It has kept my furniture looking nice and upholstery in our vehicles also. I give 3M Scotch Guard Protector For Fabric And Upholstery 5 Stars.

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