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This Is a Stick Up

Mar 31, 2006
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Pros:can be stuck on vertical surfaces, doesn't overwhelm small spaces, inexpensive, blends well with others

Cons:doesn't work well in large spaces, plain

The Bottom Line: The AirWick StickUps aren't perfect - they're only effective in a relatively small space - but they're a great value if you have such spaces.

When I was growing up, I was only aware of two types of air fresheners. There were slightly ovular solid plastic models with flat bottoms and tin foil pull off lids on the front surface and there were little circular twisty air fresheners with adhesive on the back. For years the inside door of my closet had one of the stick up air fresheners, faithfully replaced almost as often as it should have been. Time marched on as it always does and I moved out of my parents' house and, since air fresheners are not foremost on the mind of someone in their first blush of full freedom, stopped using these stick on units.

When I next thought about the need for air fresheners, the stick up device appeared consigned to the pages of history. There were pull up models and plug in models but the trend was toward the fancy and the simple got left by the wayside. While still overwhelmed by the plethora of other choices, especially now with the trend toward heated oil, a few years ago these inexpensive and simple air fresheners made a small comeback.

Once the king of the market, nowadays there's but one brand of stick on air freshener, AirWick StickUps, available in only three scents. A nod is made to the current designer models in those scents - instead of lemon and outdoors we get Sparkling Citrus and Crisp Breeze - but otherwise they're amazingly unchanged. Why fix what ain't broke?

As mentioned above, the entire air freshener consists of a small plastic casing in the shape of a hockey puck (but slightly larger). It's made from two connected halves and you release the scent by twisting the two halves apart. You can control how far they separate and thus the strength of the scent, but even in fully open mode there's only about an eighth of an inch of space so don't expect a lot of variation beyond fully open, slightly open, and closed.

The front of the plastic molding has two curlycue indentations, but otherwise the unit is plain. I'm not really sure why they bothered with the slight decoration as it's uncolored and not terribly obvious unless you are specifically paying attention to the front of the air freshener. I suppose it's an attempt to modernize an old idea, but it doesn't really do much to change the look of the product.

The back is flat except for a small square of double-sided adhesive tape (the thick kind sold in rolls with green and white hatched tape in most craft and department stores). Left alone, it just means that the air freshener won't quite sit flat. If pulled, it lets you stick the unit on a wall, door, window, or other vertical surface, thus eliminating any need to find desk or counter space. It's ideal for my childhood use - closets - since they don't generally have easily reached flat surfaces.

It's also ideal for closets because closets are small. This is a small air freshener with less scented material than most and a much smaller opening to allow scent out. It's not going to be terribly effective in a large open room. I currently use them in my main hallway, a small narrow area that would be overwhelmed by the air freshener I use in most of the other rooms of my apartment (the Renuzit LongLast).

The Sparkling Citrus scent is a mix of citrus fruits with lemon being most prevalent. There are definite hints of grapefruit, though, and the whole thing is a bit muskier than a lemon-scented air freshener. It works for me, but perhaps not quite as nicely as just plain old lemon. It also combines well with other, different, citrus scents. I can use the Sparkling Citrus StickUps air freshener in my hallway and the Citrus Sunburst Renuzit LongLast air freshener in my connected living room without any clashing.

Sold in packs of 2 for about $1 a pack, the AirWick StickUps are economical, too. In these days of paying $6-8 for a 30 day air freshener ($4ish for refills), it's nice to still have inexpensive, disposable choices.

The AirWick StickUps aren't perfect - they're only effective in a relatively small space - but they're a great value if you have such small spaces that would be overwhelmed by most other options. They also can be stuck on vertical surfaces, eliminating the need to divvy up precious desk or shelf space to an air freshener. The design hasn't changed in decades, but that's not a bad thing since it works as is. If you have any need for an air freshener in your closet or a hallway or another similar small space, I heartily recommend the AirWick StickUps.

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