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Apr 6, 2006
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Pros:Compact, easy close, nice ride.

Cons:Squeaky wheels, limited basket space

The Bottom Line: Terrific mid-weight stroller that folds up easily and compactly. Has all of the "extras" and features you could want in a stroller.

Being a city dweller, I knew that whatever stroller I chose was going to get heavy use on bumpy sidewalks (and even cobblestone!). I think everyone's criteria is different, but I was looking for the following features in a stroller: sturdy, rugged enough for heavy use, not too heavy to lug up a few steps into my house, easy to close and able to close up compactly to fit in my small vestibule and not take up space in my living room.

It's been seven months, and I am pleased with the Zippy thusfar. I purchased the summer 2005 model for $300 and it came with all of the necessary pieces (rain cover, cup holder, etc.) that I understand are add-ons with some strollers.

It is considered a mid weight stroller- about 17 lbs, I believe. I'm not a particularly strong person and I have no trouble getting it in and out of the house and trunk of the car. It would be awkward if it was any heavier. I should note that I'm not putting it in and out of the car often simply because I don't use the car often. Once my daughter is older, I plan on keeping a cheap umbrella type stroller in the trunk for appropriate outings.

Yes, the Zippy is known for the quick and easy open and close and it does come through on that feature. Comparing it to a comparably priced Peg Perego in the store (maybe it was the Aria?), it truly was easier to close- one step (grab handle and press button with one hand and pull up) instead of a two step/two hand process. This is definitely the feature that sets the zippy apart from it's peers. HOWEVER, I have occasional difficulty with the wheels not tucking under when I shut it. I end up closing it, carrying it in the house then quickly fixing the wheels to make it stand up when I have a second.

I have been using the Zippy since my daughter was a newborn. I love the fact that the seat reclines (four different positions, very easy to switch, even with baby in the seat). It comes with straps to make it compatible with almost any infant carseat. I can't comment on how well that feature works because I never did use it. Even as a two week old, I just put her in the stroller in the full recline position.

Basket storage underneath is just okay, not too roomy. If you plan to use that storage for lots of stuff, you will be disappointed. This may be true of all stollers in this size range, I'm not sure.

My biggest complaint is probably the squeaky wheels! I had not been using the stroller long at all when the wheels started getting squeaky. They work just fine, but make a lot of noise at times. Haven't tried good old WD-40 yet (busy with that 7-month old!), hopefully that will help.

Overall, I am pleased with the stroller and would recommend it. It has met my particular needs with flying colors. Versatile and easy to use. It is our only stroller at the moment and meets all of our current needs.

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