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by me94
I recently had to bomb and we live in a trailer with 3 cats and a puppy. I bombed with 3 bombs . Gave each aminal a flea pill from vet that kills any flea or egg on them. Did flea baths and frontline... this in my boo is a waste because I looked on my puppy today and saw 3 HUGE fleas on him!!!! I'm very frusterated and am about to just give up. I've done this about 3 times in 3 months.. any help is much appreciated and I'm getting so discouraged
Jul 24, 2012
8:23 pm PDT

Fleas on Indoor Cats
by karendd
Indoor-only cats CAN get fleas so be prepared to deal with them. My vet explained that fleas can enter on people walking in (on shoes, pants, etc.), and cats can also get fleas through window-screens when they sit to look out windows (as they love to do).
Jul 22, 2012
7:29 pm PDT

What flea products really work?
by sfagent07
I liked this article, but the problem is do you know if any of these products work? Lets face it they are expensive and if they dont work that means you still have fleas! We do free product reviews so you know what works the first time.
Dec 28, 2006
5:38 pm PST

Touch wood...
by latakiahaze
Touch wood the flea collars seemed to do the trick this year, but as we've just adopted another two homeless cats I don't know about next year.

Great review

Oct 24, 2001
3:26 am PDT

by jcrismon
I've never had to battle these little creatures, but if I ever have a problem, I'll remember this very helpful review. (and congrats on the recent marriage)

Oct 20, 2001
11:46 pm PDT

Re: I feel your itching!
by whitty
Ugh, I can't believe that you have actually found them ON your skin. I've only woken up with bites. It's disgusting to think of them crawling around on your skin, huh! I hope you get rid of yours too... it's not fun!

Someone told me that it was a bad year for fleas, and that we had probably carried them in our pants or something... ick.

Thanks for reading!
Oct 19, 2001
1:49 pm PDT

I feel your itching!
by melissasrn
Great job on getting your flea problem under control! We've finally gotten rid of ours too...for the most part. We did the Frontline, the pill, AND the bombs, and it take a few days to start seeing...or not seeing..results. Only we just used two bombs, one upstairs and one downstairs, and now I'm sure that wasn't enough as I'll find a desperate flea on my skin every now and then looking for blood! But so far our cat has stayed flea free, and I hope it stays that way.

BTW....our cat is an indoor only pet as well, so we can't figure out how we got fleas either! They must of been really bad this year :-(

Great review, Whitty!
Oct 19, 2001
1:29 pm PDT