The Greatest Modern Movies..... Ever!

Oct 21, 2001

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The Bottom Line I hope you enjoyed my top ten list. I urge you to see any of these movies that you havn't seen. They are all great!

At number ten, an exceptional film, Mystery Men starring Ben Stiller. It has every
element that a good film needs. Comedy, action, great cast, but most importantly,
that heart warming lift at the end. A classic tale of “Zero to Hero”. The best super
hero movie of all time, a must see for all film lovers.

At number nine, a recent film loved by all ages, Shrek. What first grabbed my
attention about this film was that it had possibly the best cast of the year. Mike
Myers, Cameron Diaz, John Lithgow and Eddie Murphy. What I most loved about
this film was that each and every joke had everybody in the cinema laughing.

At number eight, Mystery Science Theatre 3000 the Movie. I know what your
thinking, “What is that?”. It is a film where a man and two robots watch the worst
films in the world and constantly patronise them. I urge you to see this. It is possibly
the funniest movie... ever!

At number seven, Baseketball, by the creators of South Park. This is a story of two
guys that create a game, and that game becomes the most popular sport of all time.
What strikes me about this movie is that it is hilarious, yet at the same time it has a
fantastic story line. This is a must see for all South Park fans.

At number six, The Truman Show with Jim Carey. Coming from somebody who
believes that Jim Carey is a God, I can say that this movie is one of his best. The
story line is incredible, I would say even more incredible than The Matrix. A man
being filmed without him having any idea. Ever since I saw this movie, I have been
paranoid that I am on CAMERA.

At number five, The Shawshank Redemption stands high. I definitely feel that the
second half of the movie is so much better than the beginning, but I suppose that the
beginning is essential for the end to have any impact on the audience. This movie is
the most heart warming movie of all time. I wouldn’t categorise this film to prison,
because it is the hope and friendship that makes this film great.

At number four, State and Main, a movie about a film crew and it’s impact on a small
American town. Filled with awkward situations, and events that are bound to cheer
you up even on the worst of days. A real feel good movie. Phillip Seymour Hoffman
is also a God.

At number three, Rushmore, what a movie. Max, a student at Rushmore private
academy, has been expelled. He is forced to attend a public school. This film is
simply great. It is hard to explain why, but if you have seen this movie, than you will
know exactly what I mean.

At number two, Memento, this really is a fabulous film. Great story line, great acting
by Guy Pierce, great directing, It’s all great! Watch this film, like it, and will let you

At number one, (this is really a personal favourite), Man on the Moon. A tribute to
comic genius Andy Kaufmanns. I you consider yourself to be a film buff, watch this
movie, and remember to keep an open mind! Don’t expect it to be very funny, or
action packed. It is just an account of Andy Kaufmans life. Jim Carey is excellent!
This movie is excellent!

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