These Eagles Soar Even Higher!

Apr 19, 2006 (Updated Apr 20, 2006)
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Pros:Another set of 10 great songs. Again a wide variety of styles.

Cons:As before, only 10 songs. A definite shift in emphasis between albums.

The Bottom Line: Again an extremely solid album showcasing a wide array of talent in ten good songs. A 'must-have' whether or not you own 'Greatest Hits 1.'

For those of you who have not read my review of the first part of this ¡¥Greatest Hits¡¦ Collection, firstly why not? You really should. No, no, really you should, it¡¦s going to be incredibly relevant in a minute. Go on, do it now, I¡¦m not going anywhere¡K Right, now that¡¦s sorted we can get down to the business in hand; the second disc of ¡¥The Eagles Greatest Hits,¡¦ this one containing all the ¡¥hits¡¦ from Hotel California onwards.

At first it is hard to see why the two discs were not sold together, rather then us punters being forced to pay twice. However, there is some, exceedingly poor quality, method to this madness. At this stage in their career, with the band starting to display fatigue and breaking at the edges they abruptly changed tack and went for a much harder sound. This in itself isn¡¦t a problem as the band could play many different styles equally well (as you should know if you¡¦d read my original reviewƒº), it¡¦s just something to be aware of; if you¡¦re looking for ¡¥more of the same¡¦ you won¡¦t find it here.

In fact it might be appropriate to view this disc as a ¡¥stand-alone¡¦ entity in itself rather than a follow-up to disc 1. Certainly songs such as ¡¥Heartache Tonight¡¦ and ¡¥Victim Of Love¡¦ with their stronger bass lines and ¡¥heavier¡¦ instrumentals would have been out of place in disc 1, yet here they symbolise the change in nature of the band.

Beyond that there isn¡¦t much new to say, can you see how the first review was extremely relevant now? Even at this late stage of their career they were still churning out the same high quality as previously, again there is not a poor track on here. Even plaintive, slower songs such as ¡¥I Can¡¦t Tell You Why¡¦ and ¡¥After The Thrill Is Gone¡¦ which are perhaps less well known are still up to the usual high standard.

Pleasingly there is a live track included here, ¡¥Seven Bridges Road¡¦ which I admit that I haven¡¦t heard in a ¡¥recorded¡¦ version but I imagine it would sound better then. Don¡¦t get me wrong, it¡¦s a good song, showing off the band¡¦s vocal talents (there is very sparse instrumentals), it¡¦s just sandwiched between the rockier ¡¥Heartache Tonight¡¦ and ¡¥Victim Of Love¡¦ and can get a bit lost of you¡¦re not careful.

That¡¦s it really; admittedly there is very little diversion in terms of lyrics, generally all the songs are about love being lost/tortured love, but if the songs are of this high a quality it¡¦s churlish to complain. If anything it further showcases the band¡¦s talent that they can produce 15+ songs around a similar theme and keep them sounding fresh and original.

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