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Oct 23, 2001

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This turned out to be the shortest review I have ever written, but if I save one person from wasting thier money I feel it was worth it.

A friend of mine just gave me this Internal Antenna thing to use with my cell phone. Supposedly it increases the range of your phone, and improves the reception. None of which I have seen happen.

You may have seen the commercial on TV (itís the one with the hot looking chiropractor). Not sure why they have a chiropractor hawking cell phone products, but oh well. What you do is place this sticker under your cell phones battery and supposedly it will give you better reception. And if you act now they will throw in another sticker that filters the deadly radiation that comes from your cell phone that could potentially give you cancer after only 436 years of use.

Well in my apt. I get decent reception [3 out of 5 bars on my Nokia], but if you go in my bathroom you only get 1 bar. I donít know how many times I had wished to make a phone call from the bathroom and just couldnít because of the reception. Please insert harsh sarcasm when reading that last sentence.

Well anyway I put the sticker on my phone, replaced the battery and turned it on. Low and behold I had 3 bars in my apt., and when I went into the bathroom still only one. You can imagine my amazement that it didnít work like it claimed. In fact in the 2 days I used it I didnít notice any difference in the reception.

After about 15 minutes of searching I finally found their website [], not surprisingly there is no way to contact them. Only the price [$19.99], a FAQ and an Order Form. I was going to send them an e-mail, but that proved to be impossible.

The fun part came when I tried to remove the ďantennaĒ from my phone. It was stuck there like a sticker and after removing it I was left with that wonderful sticky residue. It took me about 20 minutes of steady rubbing with a cloth to get it clean. Makes me glad I didnít stick on the filter.

All in all it was simply another scam to part people from their money. My friend claims he didnít pay for it, but I think he may be simply trying to save his dignity. Now I sit here waiting so I can see who the chiropractor was so I can look them up and find out if it really works for her [or maybe just ask her out].

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