Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad

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Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad - Cleans blood and other annoying wall discolorations

Apr 30, 2006
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Pros:Cleans the wall excellently, lasts long, not too expensive

Cons:Why can't they make these things good for more than one use?

The Bottom Line: The Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad cleanes up the wall as expected and the blue grip lets it last a little longer than the competition.

As I mentioned in my review of Mr Clean Magic Eraser, my dog's tail has an uncanny way of exploding.

We've known of this malady and talking with other Labrador owners, it is a breed-wide complex known as "super excited to see someone". So she wags her tail - nay her entire rear end so exuberantly that her tail smacks against the wall often drawing blood. We recently had a fine example of this when we returned from vacation and the walls were splattered with blood. I was able to stop my wife from calling the police lest the axe murderer who obviously did this was still in the house.

After we realized it was the dog, we had to get something to clean the walls. We decided to try the Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad because they were cheaper. Did it remove the evidence as well as the Mr Clean Magic Eraser?

Read on, dear reader...

•• What it is ••

The Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad is a blue and white sponge the size of a normal sponge. The white part is for scrubbing, the bluie part is for hanging on.

•• Features and Commentary ••

The Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad is used by simply getting it wet. You then squeeze out the excess. One of the advantages over the Mr. Clean eraser is that you can squeeze it a little tighter if needed. The blue sponge helps retain the shape of the overall product.

Then simply scrub the wall with the white part. There is some sort of mystery soap, or perhaps the sponge itself is a solid kind of cleaner, I don't know. But it works well. The blood from the dog's tail cleaned up very nicely, though there is still some areas of discoloration on the matte paint. This is expected as that type of paint tends to soak up things more. And this blood had been dried on the walls for a few days. Any blood on the glossy paint cleaned up perfectly with a no noticeable blood left over.

So what is the blue side for? Extra strength cleaner? Durable sponge? Pretty color coordination? No, it's simply a grip. Why would you need a grip? The answer is simple and the primary reason why this product is better than the Mr. Clean version. The white sponge disentegrates with use. And very quickly. Don't expect to be able to use the sponge for more than a couple of walls. With the Mr. Clean product, you can't really use all the white sponge, because it disintegrates into lots of smaller pieces that are difficult to use. This is not the case with the Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad. You can use all the white, because any of it left over is still attached. But with the Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad, you can use all the white stuff until you are left holding a single blue sponge (which has no cleaning properties, by the way).

My wife seems to think that the white sponge disentegrated faster. I tend to agree. However, since we were able to use more of the white stuff, the overall lifespan of the Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad was longer.

That said, the sponge worked very well on the blood as well as crayon and other mystery marks. Some things such as crayon required a bit more scrubbing, and others came off with only a wipe or two. I've always been pleased with this kind of product and the Scotch-Brite version didn't let me down.

One thing that should be noted is that these sponges do work on colored paint walls, but they can leave a white residue, presumably from the slowly shrinking white sponge. Simply wipe it off with your hand or a wet paper towel.

•• Conclusion ••

The Scotch-Brite Easy Erasing Pad cleans up the wall as expected and the blue grip lets it last a little longer than the competition

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