Hoover Windtunnel, nothing like the old Hoovers

May 2, 2006
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Pros:Looks nice and it works fine (so far) with the modified blade.

Cons:Cheap blade construction.

The Bottom Line: Not recommended due to poor blade construction.

We had a Hoover vacuum cleaner that was 10 years old and it finally broke. I could have fixed it but decided that since it was 10 years old, we'd just go out and get a new one. Since the Hoover lasted so long we went to Sears and bought a new Hoover Windtunnel bagged model, the closest thing we could find to the old machine. It worked great for about 2 or 3 months then it started vibrating. A short time later it make this awful noise and sounded like it was about to blow up. OK, I'm mechanically inclined and opened it up. I discovered the fan blade was bad, the aluminum blade got loose and the hole got wallowed out and was flopping around making that awful noise. No problem, I thought, I'd just get a new blade and put it all back together. So, after Googling for a new blade for an hour or two I discovered that you couldn't just buy a new blade for this thing, you have to buy the motor and blade assembly for about the same as you'd pay for a whole vacuum cleaner! At this point I either had to fix the thing or put it back together and then deal with taking it back and getting a new one that might blow up like the one I was trying to fix since the blade is so cheaply constructed. There is no reinforcing to the blade, it's all aluminum, even where it bolts to the motor. So, I figured the best thing to do would be to re-engineer the thing and epoxy and pop rivet two steel fender washers to the blade where it attaches to the motor shaft. Did this, put it all back together and it works fine. This was nearly a year ago and it's still fine.

My advice, unless you want to tear this thing apart and re-engineer the blade, do not buy this vacuum cleaner. The way the blade is designed, it'll eventually get loose and tear itself apart. I should have just kept the old Hoover and fixed it and it'd probably had lasted another 10 years, it was built back in the day when quality was important, not how we can build this thing in a foreign country and save a dollar here and a dollar there and sell the product here in the US and hope it lasts past the warranty date. Our next vacuum cleaner will probably be an Oreck or something built in this country where quality is important.

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