Carpet Fresh No-Vacuum Foam Carpet Cleaner

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May 3, 2006
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Pros:Takes away odors without residue.

Cons:Sometimes application is messy.

The Bottom Line: Carpet Fresh is a foam deodorizer that doesn't leave residue in your carpets like the powders. It keeps the whole house smelling fresh.

I like to have carpets. I have nothing against tile but I think carpet makes a house cozy. especially in the winter. I like WARM feet and carpet helps me keep them that way. Along with carpet comes its maintenance routine of vacuuming, shampooing, spot cleaning and deodorizing. Oh, yeah, lots of work in keeping carpets fresh and new looking. Since I just got new carpeting, I want it to last, look nice and smell nice too. That’s where Carpet Fresh No Vacuum Foam Carpet Refresher comes in.

This is not a carpet cleaner as listed but a carpet deodorizer.

Carpet Fresh’s Claim:

Carpet Fresh No Vacuum is a revolutionary carpet refresher. Just foam it on and odors are gone! The foam breaks up in minutes, leaving the carpet dry and trapped in odors are eliminated. And you don't have to vacuum! The fragrances are long lasting, leaving the entire room smelling fresh and clean. It comes in 5 varieties; Super Pet which contains a patented pet odor neutralizer, Morning Rain, Country Potpourri, Apple Cinnamon, and Fresh Scent.

The Product:

This product comes in a 10.5oz can with a large aerosol applicator. There are five scents to choose from including, Morning Rain, Country Potpourri, Apple Cinnamon, and Fresh Scent. I choose Super Pet since I have a dog. This neutralizes pet odors and leaves a fresh cut flower scent that I am partial to. This is a white foam product that is safe around children and pets. Of course, being an aerosol, it is flammable and should not be used around open flames.

My Experience:

Carpet Fresh comes to us from the same manufacturer as W-40, Lava soap, X-14 and 2,000 Flushes, to mention a few, which was founded in 1958. Since I have used WD-40 in and around my house since I can’t remember when, I feel I can trust this company’s products.

I learned my lesson about the powder type carpet fresheners when I removed the carpet from my old house. I don’t care how much you vacuum, most of that powder stays in the carpet and practically rots it from the bottom up not to mention trapping odors and keeping it there. For a long time, I was at a loss for a carpet freshener until they came out with the foam. This is the perfect product for my new carpeting.

It is very easy to use. You simply shake the can, point it horizontally and spray large areas at once. The can emits a scent-filled foam that sits on the surface of the carpet. A small portion sinks in and the rest evaporates when the bubbles pop. If you point the can downwards, the product will come out liquidy so I wouldn’t recommend it. However, since this product does not stain, it’s okay if you make a boo-boo once in a while. Sometimes, this foam doesn’t exactly hit its mark. They could use some improvement in the dispenser which is just an aerosol head. Aiming is not always true and the foam can end up all over your hands. I find if you are not too aggressive and handle the can gently, it does okay.

Once sprayed, the foam takes about ten minutes to disappear. It does leave the carpet a little damp so to avoid staining, I stay off it for about a half hour to be sure. It leaves the room and carpet smelling fresh and clean and pet odors are gone. I usually apply it about once a week and not only does it keep my carpets fresh, it also keeps my house smelling fresh.


I am so happy that Carpet Fresh came out with Carpet Fresh No Vacuum Carpet Refresher. It’s cheap. It’s easy to apply and most of all, it doesn’t leave any residue. Sometimes there are problems with application, we could use some improvement there. There are plenty of different scents if you want a change but I love the scent of the Super Pet which keeps my whole house smelling fresh. I think it is a bargain at the $2.29 price tag and if I will use it on my new carpets, you can bet that it is a good product that will not harm them in any way.

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