Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Block

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Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Block: Great For Lunchboxes And Small Ice Chests

May 17, 2006
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Pros:Easy to use, works well, cheap!


The Bottom Line: Great for Playmates and ice chests when you don't want to hassle with ice!

If you are going on a picnic for lunch, packing a lunch for a fishing trip or bringing your lunch to work, this is a great little ice pack to keep your drinks cold.

Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Block

This is a great little reusable hard plastic ice pack that has come in handy for my family on numerous occasions. In fact, we have several of these! The Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Block is small and compact. It measures only 6.75 x 3.69 x 1.66 inches and is cobalt blue in color. They are designed to pop into a freezer until frozen solid and then used in an ice cooler to keep cold drinks cold or other items cool. It is a replacement for ice, essentially. The Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Block is made of non-toxic substances.

You can purchase Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks in mass merchandising stores such as KMart, Target, Walmart, hardware stores, as well as some grocery and drug stores. The price varies from $.99 each to $1.99 each depending on the store where purchased.

Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks also come in a larger size called "The Weekender Pack" and a soft pack called "The Lunch Pack".

My Experience With Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks

We have used the Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks for years. My favorite use for them is to pop them into a small Lunchmate cooler to keep cold drinks cold for a day trip out of town. This says time when driving where we don't have to first of all find a place to stop that sells drinks, pulling over and getting in and out of the car. We can tuck a small cooler behind the seat and we have cold drinks at an arm's reach.

My husband has also used these in the personal size Lunchmates for taking lunch and snacks on 12 hour shifts out in the field. This way he can bring two Lunchmates, one for sandwiches and any other food that needs to stay cool, and one for soft drinks.

I love using Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks. You don't have to deal with ice and leaks from your ice chest. They are small and take up very little room in your freezer and ice chest during use. They are really easy to use and have become a way of life for us. They stay frozen for an entire day and I've even found them cool the following day. They work great and you don't have to worry about ice melting and ruining something you put in the ice chest from getting water-logged!

I find that Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks last forever. I don't remember any ever bursting or leaking. They are very reliable and inexpensive. The only drawback is if you lose them or leave them somewhere! I suggest you have several on hand and you will always have one in the freezer when you need it! They take up very little room!

Company Information

Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks are made in the USA by:

Rubbermaid, Inc. Home Products & Food Storage Divisions
3320 W. Market Street
Fairlawn, Ohio 44333-3306 USA

Phone: 1-(888)-895-2110



The Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks are handy to have on hand all year round but especially in the summer when you tend to do more outdoors. I highly recommend this product. It's very durable and you will more than get your money's worth out of having these! I give Rubbermaid Blue Ice Hard Blocks 5 Stars!

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