Hamilton Beach 67900 HealthSmart® 2 Speed 350 Watts Juicer

Jun 10, 2006
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Pros:Easy to use, clean, and store.

Cons:The white outside plastic easily stains if you get carrot juice on it.

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this juicer to anyone. It makes juice out of anything you put in it! Even turnips!

The Hamilton Beach 67900 HealthSmart® 2 Speed 350 Watts Juicer works great. I bought this juicer about 3 months ago for my family. I love fresh squeezed orange juice. I thought it would be easier to make it this way, and a lot faster. It truly is the better way to make juice! I hated using one of those old fashioned orange squeezers!

This juice maker is very easy to use. It has an easy on/off switch on the side of the juicer. I even let my kids use it *only if they clean up after they use it*. There is really nothing to it. Turn it on, and throw in the fruits or vegetables and you got juice! It is also easy to store. It weighs about 6 lbs, and is about 13 inches high. It fits perfectly in the kitchen storage closet.

The juicer works very well compared to others. This machine makes sure you are not going to get any pulp in the juice. It has a large metal strainer made of durable stainless steel. The strainer works very well. Nothing gets through it. It also has a large pulp bin. All the pulp goes right into this bin. That is good if you are making carrot juice. You can use the carrot pulp for making carrot cake, or muffins. Beware, everyone knows carrot juice stains. Try not to get any of the juice on the white part of the juicer. It will not come off.

The Beach 67900 HealthSmart® 2 Speed 350 Watts Juicer is very easy to clean. Both pulp bin and juice cup comes off easily. They just snap out. The pulp bin and juice cup are both transparent. That's good when it comes to cleaning them out. The juicer also comes with a cleaning brush. The brush is made to get all the pulp out of the pulp bin. A little dish soap and the brush cleans up everything. The cutter is also easy to clean. Just take a damp cloth and wipe them off. You can find the cutters just above the pulp bin. That is nice because, I don't want to be stuck cleaning up a mess just for juice!

The juicer will also make juice out of the hardest of vegetables. It is a very powerful machine! I have tried making an energy drink out of beets *yuck*. I am surprised by how much juice was extracted from one beet! The juicer also comes with a booklet on how to make certain juices. What fruits and vegetables to use. I am not a big fan of vegetable juices. Especially when it comes to adding things like herbs and all that other stuff. That's not my idea of juice! But I really love the fruit juice selection in the booklet. It has this banana, strawberry, and pineapple juice recipe. You must try it! It is so good! I would recommend this juicer to anyone.


Model # : 67900

Capacity : 22-oz.

Width : 12.06-in.

Diameter : 1-in. feeding tube

Height : 12.43-in.

Depth : 9-in.

Weight : 5.85-lbs.

Volts/Watts : 350 watts

Origin : China

Material : All-metal cutter/strainer, transparent lid

Cleaning & Care : Wipe with damp cloth, handwash cutter/strainer

Warranty : 1-year parts and labor

Special Features : Includes juice cup and cleaning brush

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