AIR WICK FreshMatic Automatic Spray

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Air Wick FreshMatic Automatic Spray! Keeps the air fresh!

Jun 13, 2006
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Pros:It seems to circulate through the house better than previous products.

Cons:The spray sound can be startling.

The Bottom Line: A timed spray is one of the best things you can have for the house.

I first saw these Air Wick FreshMatic Automatic Spray units at work in our bathrooms probably about a year ago. I figured it was for businesses with heavy-use bathrooms and was not available to the consumer. That is until ...

My daughter bought a home recently. The previous residents had a cat and you could still smell it in the house. She wanted something stronger than a plug-in-a-wall freshner. She spotted the Air Wick FreshMatic Automatic Spray at Wal-Mart for about $9. This product did the job. I was impressed as to how fresh her house smelled. So I ended up buying a starter kit on my next visit to Wal-Mart.

I have also tried various air freshners:

* The oil with the fan. - Too messy and has a tendency to leak.

* The hardened wax scent. - Limited coverage.

* The gel that gradually evaporates away too fast.

* The good old spray can quick coverup. - Good for an emergency.

This is what you get in the starter kit:

* Spray unit
* 2-AA batteries
* 1 screw

* 1 fragrance refill scent can (6.17 oz.) in your choice of lavender (my daughter likes this floral scent), papaya and mango (my choice as it smells like fruit cup to me) or sparkling citrus (hubby likes the citrus smell). I also understand from their web site there is a harvest spice scent. The refill cans are sold separately for about $4.

So how does Air Wick FreshMatic Automatic Spray work?

* Select a location at least 6 feet from the floor. The spray unit is about 9 inches tall so take that in account when looking for a space to mount this. We thought about this height and decided maybe 7 feet would be better. We are both close to 6 foot tall and thought how would one feel if you got a sprayful in the eyes or on the skin. The spray also has a tendency to float down so it is recommended not to put furniture beneath it. Hubby had his recliner all the way back and could feel the mist land on his forehead the first time we mounted the spray unit. We moved it a second time to the entryway between the kitchen and living room.

* Affix the screw to your selected height for the wall mount.

* Open the spray unit from the top.

* Make sure the timer switch is off and the red disc is in the raised position.

* Put the 2-AA batteries in slots provided.

* Place the scent refill can on the platform making sure the spray nozzle is facing forward. You never know ... people might put the spray nozzle toward the back.

* Set the timer switch to spray every 9, 18 or 36 minutes. (If you want to cover up a terrible smell quickly before company comes, go with the 9 minutes. I use 36 minutes cause I never have company. For my small house at 750 square feet, this is sufficient time intervals.)

* According to the package information you may get up to 2400 spray bursts using the 36 minute intervals.

* Flip the switch to the on position. Do make sure the spray nozzle is not in your face as the on switch should activate the first spray in 15 seconds, and then at whatever minutes you set it at. The green light should also be activated. If not, reinstall the batteries again.

* Close the unit and mount on screw.

How long does the Air Wick FreshMatic Automatic Spray last?

9 minutes could last up to 15 days

18 minutes up to 30 days

and 36 minutes is suppose to last up to 60 days (ours seem to last about 50 days before I started hearing shorter sprays).

It is recommended that if you plan to be gone from your house for an extended period of time, to turn off the spray unit.


* Make sure that you keep the spray nozzle away from your face. Ask me. I wasn't paying attention one time and got my glasses sprayed with the 15 second spray. No harm done, but it could of been worse if I had not had my glasses on.

* The spray sound emitting from the spray unit can be startling until you get use to it when your just sitting around watching TV, reading or talking.

My conclusions: This is a keeper. Its not overpowering like I have found other freshners to be. You know when its time to buy a refill by the information listed on the box and when to buy a battery when the green light stops flashing. How much simpler could it be?

For more information on this and other AirWick products go to

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