Mr. Clean AutoDry Carwash Pro-Series

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Mr. Clean AutoDry - easier car washing, good results

Aug 5, 2006
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Pros:Works well, fairly inexpensive to buy.

Cons:Must rebuy soap and de-ionizer/filter.

The Bottom Line: Works well, gives great results for the time spent.

I admit it; I do not wash my cars as often as I should. They are CARS after all...they should get dirty! Well, that's my excuse anyways. I saw a review of the Mr. Clean AutoDry on ABC/KGO (San Francisco)News about a year ago. The normally critical journalist did some testing and found that the AutoDry gadget actually worked. I realized that I had to try this, as it may incline me to wash our cars more often than the standard 2-3 times a year!

While yakkowarner has written an excellent review here on Epinions, I thought I would add my thoughts.

The AutoDry is essentially a device similar to a water hose fertilizer attachment. It contains two primary features; 1) a liquid soap reservoir and 2) a water de-ionizer/filter cartridge. The device has a dial to select its function, regular water flow, soapy water, or de-ionizer/filter. The object is to do a final rinse with the de-ionized water which in theory should leave very few water spots. An on/off switch turns the water flow on or off; pretty simple!

The units is constructed of thick plastic. It doesn't feel cheap or flimsy. I would estimate it should last 1-3 years, depending on how much use it gets. Simply connect it to your water hose and follow the procedures, which are general.
1) Hose down with regular water setting.
2) Hose down using the soap setting.
3) Sponge down the car.
4) Rinse off with regular water and responge areas
which need a second cleaning.
5) Rinse off using the ionized water setting.

This isn't rocket science, however this unit does make car washing a little faster, and the ioned water rinse does work. You will have few water stains without the need to towel off the car.

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