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Depo Provera Destroyed My Life.. And Many Others!

May 23, 2001
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Pros:For me there were none!

Cons:Lowered Immune System, dizziness, sore muscles, sore back/neck, blurry vision, enormous weight gain, panic attacks.

The Bottom Line: Speak up against Depo! This drug must be taken off the market. Depo Provera is unsafe.

In November of 1996 I started taking the depo provera birth control shot. It was my first time on birth control, so I asked a lot of questions. I was told there were no side effects, except perhaps a small amount of weight gain, and that my period would stop. The doctor, a women, commented on how much I would love being on it because I wouldn't have to worry about getting a period. She told me it was completely safe. She said the only thing that would happen is I wouldn't get a period, and I could maybe gain an extra 5 lbs.

It wasn't safe.

For those of you who don't know what depo provera is, it is a birth control method that is in the form of a shot. Instead of taking a birth control pill every day, you get a shot three times a year. You can have the shot in your rear, or your arm. I was given it in both places.

The depo provera birth control shot stops your periods, or at least I was told that it would, and it did mine. However, I have been doing a lot of research and some still get periods while on depo provera. In fact, some never stop bleeding.

I have put this web site up to warn all women of the danger of the depo-provera birth control shot! Depo provera destroyed my life!

Directly below are the side effects I have from the depo provera shot I took for a year over five years ago. Following the depo provera side effects, is my personal story of what depo provera did to me.


40lb weight gain (half of it taken off now years later)
Extreme Excitability, Nervousness (first two years terrible)
Great loss of libido (first two years)
Lowered immune system
Loss of hair (the first year with shot)
Now (currently, 5 yrs later) unwanted hair on breasts, toes, face
Violent headaches
Extremely sore, stiff, crippled muscles all over body
Blurry vision - trouble getting my eyes to focus on objects
Inability to bend over (feel like I will pass out)
Severe neck and back pain
Heart palpitations - irregular heart beat
Concentration and memory problems


I almost killed myself over depo... depo has crippled me and brought on so many symptoms I thought I was going crazy.

I started depo in 96 and was on it for a year. My mother and a massage therapist I started going to for 'sore muscles' told me that 'not getting a period didn't sound like it could be 'good' for me. But, I had a friend who had no side effects so I didn't think at ALL that depo did this to me. And, the doctors I started reporting my symptoms too said there was no way it was depo that was making me sick. So I never put two and two together or considered depo provera was what was making me so ill.

Eventually I got off of depo.. after a year. But it wasn't soon enough. And it wasn't because I suspected depo - I just now found out (5-15-2001) that depo has been the cause of all my illnesses. After what I have been reading, I think even just one shot of depo would have done this to me. Here is what happened...

After the first few months on the depo provera birth control shot I started getting ill. It started with violent headaches and hair loss. My hair started falling out when I would wash it. Not just a little bit of hair -- I know you lose about 100 strands a day - I was losing A TON of hair. I was somewhat moody -- but I thought it was just because my body was in so much pain with the severe headaches, neckaches, hair loss etc.

I thought I had to have something seriously wrong in my neck - it hurt so bad and was so weak I couldn't keep my head up. I kept a towel wrapped around my neck. I went to the doctor who was giving me these shots with these symptoms BEFORE I got off the shot. She told me NO these were not side effects of the shot and STILL KEPT GIVING ME THE SHOT - and sent me to a neurologist. I asked him if it could be the shot - he told me NO. He said I was suffering from stress ---- BOY DID THAT MAKE ME MAD!! I am the most laid back person - I don't have to go to a real job -- I worked from my home and have a wonderful boyfriend (now husband) and actually the perfect STRESS FREE LIFE.

I did not suspect depo provera, the thought just disappeared when the doctors told me no.

The neurologist put shots in to the muscles in my neck he said to relax them. Those shots (one in each shoulder) made me so ill I was unable to get out of my bed for four days. Seriously.. I had to have help going to the bathroom. Needless to say I did not go back.

I was always crying from the pain because I did not know what was wrong. From what I remember.. from around Feb of 97 to at least Feb. of 98 I didn't do much more than go from bed to couch, couch to bed. I knocked myself out every night with tylenol p.m.'s to try and go to sleep without pain.

After a year, I finally stopped taking the shots. Not because I suspected them.. but just because I thought I really had something serious - like cancer - and I just quit taking them. I would have stopped sooner had I known then what I do now, but the doctor who was giving me shots, and a neurologist both told me that depo provera could not be what was making me sick.

Eventually I went to another doctor, now my family doctor. He is a general practicioner and also a chirpractor. I told him about the severe headaches, pain in the back of my head and sore shoulders and neck. I told him I thought the pain had to be coming from the back of my head or my neck. He sent me for x-rays. X-rays said I was fine.

He said my muscles were like knots and that was what was causing so much pain. He put me in traction and did manipulations on me for weeks and weeks. I never got better and stopped going after the medical bills got so high I had to stop going. He tried everything he could think of, even having me to special excercises, but I never got better.

In my many trips to doctors, dentists, heart specialist, neurologists, massage therapists I underwent many blood tests, x-rays, and mris. Everything showed I am fine.. no problems anywhere. But the pain only got worse.

Everything that was suppose to be helping me get better was making me worse. I was told to excercise and start lifting weights. I could hardly lift five lbs over my head. I excercised and it always ended the same way.. in tears. Even a simple 'walk' hurt. When I would come in I would feel like every muscle was torn. It is as if my muscles are crippled. But that is just the beginning.

My vision was so blurry that I couldn't focus on anything. I thought I was losing my vision. I went to the eye doctor and he said there was nothing wrong. Nothing wrong?? How could that be. I could no longer read traffic signs clearly from where I use to be able to and everything just looked rather cloudy.

My hair loss eventually stopped -- now it is the opposite. I have hair where I am not suppose to. I have hair on my toes and my breasts.. like a man. Not to mention the facial hair. I have to constantly remove this. I am from a light complexion family too.. so this is not something that is the 'norm' for us. No women in my family have this. Only me.

My concentration and memory something that was as sharp as a tack - you could ask anyone who knows me - just went downhill with no explanation. I think my husband thought at first I was trying to be cute.. sometimes it would get so bad I would stutter - just couldn't get the words out. If I am watching t.v. and a commercial comes on I would forget completely what I was watching. I could be in the middle of a sentence and just switch to something else because I couldn't remember what I want to say. I don't even know if I ever reported this to a doctor.. it is embarrasing, and something I thought just 'happened' to me that nobody would be able to do anything about!

I thought a lot about suicide because of the immense pain. Everything hurt.. everywhere, it seemed like my immune system was shutting down and I was catching every cold, and flu bug.

I think it is also VERY important for me to say that I am not some sickly person who is inactive. Before all of this I was a size 3/5. I did yoga faithfully every day for AT LEAST one hour. Sometimes twice a day - as well as walking, tai chi, etc. And I am not some junk food junkie either... I actually eat very well, I only drink water and 100% pure orange juice, cut out caffeine and most bad sugar, and excercised all the time. My body just started detioriating. I thought I was dying - I thought I must have cancer or something horribly wrong -- but all tests showed perfect health. I thought I was losing my mind.

The headaches kept up.. so severe and it was coupled with that dizziness and the sensation that I would pass out if I bent over. I went to a sinus doctor - he told me I needed surgery. I underwent surgery in March of this year. I didn't get better.. I got WORSE after surgery. I believe now that that surgery was a complete misdiagnosis -- I think the $14,000 + bill lined the doctors pockets -- but it didn't get me well.

I was up to (for the past two years) 6 excedrin migraines a day. I was taking so many (nothing else worked) that I became sick to my stomach. I had to stop taking them.. but if I tried to make it through a day without them I was just lay there crying in constant pain and my husband would beg me to take them.

I, just three weeks ago, went back to the general pract./ chiro doctor in DeMotte Indiana - because I believe he is a truly good doctor who wants to help people. I haven't told him yet that I suspect depo -- I just now put two and two together from reading the other women's stories - but I am printing off everything I find now online and I am taking it in to him next week. I know if there is one doctor that will listen to me, he will.

He put me on Prozac. I told him I didn't want to take it -- I AM NOT DEPRESSED!! He said he thought the pain was from a severe depression/anxiety from a seratonin deficiency. He said prozac would help me sleep and help my muscles to relax.

I am 100% positive that all of my unexplainable pain was brought on by DEPO PROVERA!!! How do I know? Because I was once healthy and very active. No car accidents, no major disease.. the only one thing different was that I was on the depo provera shot. And, while on depo provera, is when I became ill. And, every year off depo, I get a little better. And - thanks to the internet - I have found thousands of women telling my story!! It can't be coincidence - depo did this to us!

Before depo provera, I was a pefectly healthy individual. I rarely, if ever, went to the doctors for anything before the depo provera birth control shot. Since the shot, my life changed drastically. I've been plaqued with daily pain, and I've racked up thousands of dollars in medical bills. Every day of my life I am sick.. I am in pain.

Prozac is helping me. He told me I will probably have to be on it indefinitely. It is helping me sleep -- it increases the seratonin levels in the brain - which I believe depo screwed up!!!

I use to sleep like a baby. Before depo provera, a train could have rolled through the house while I was sleeping and it wouldn't have woke me up. No more... while taking depo provera my sleeping patterns changed drastically. It got so bad that I was lucky to be sleeping 1 or 2 complete hours at a time.

Prozac is helping me sleep. Prozac is helping my muscles relax. I know depo provera destroyed my muscles because I went from being someone who was deep in to yoga and meditation, to someone who can hardly touch my toes.

Oh I don't want to forget the weight gain.. I went from a size 3/5 to a 12/14 on depo provera. I am back down again but it took a lot of hard work. This too you can see from my medical records.. my weight just kept going up and up while on depo.

I pray this message gets out to ALL WOMEN considering depo. I almost committed suicide - something I am desperately ashamed of admitting because I am a very strong willed person who loved life, and I appreciate life.

I hate to think I know have to stay on Prozac indefinitely - something my doctor said could be what I will need to do. He said just as a diabetic needs insulin, someone who has a seratonin deficiency needs prozac.

God only knows what prozac can do to me. I know that has been proven to be non-addictive with no side effects, but it still scares me. However, after only three weeks on Prozac, I am about 70% better 'pain wise. I couldn't live at all without it! I know I couldn't. My stomach can't take the excedrin, and my body can't take the pain.

I don't know if I will ever be 100% again. Depo destroyed my life... sure on prozac I can feel better - but I am NOT 100%, nor do I know if I will ever be again. I also am unaware of anything else that may happen to me as a result of the depo provera birth control shot.

Another women suffering from the side effects of depo provera emailed me and said one of the worst things about depo is the feeling that you are going crazy because you are so sick and nobody can find anything wrong with you. She is so right!! That is the worst thing depo provera did to me too.

I told my husband the other night that I feel there has to be women who have KILLED themselves because of depo provera and perhaps nobody knows why they did what they did. I also know there has to be other women suffering and thinking they are 'crazy' like I did.. because x-rays do no good. You are sick but the tests show there is nothing wrong with you.



* It is given to sex offenders to kill their sex drive
* It lowers our seratonin levels


I for one am not going to be silent. If you are suffering, I hope you speak up too. I am horrified that depo provera is still being injected in to innocent, uninformed women all around the world. My goals now.. to get well and to get depo provera off the market!!

Depo provera destroyed my life! I truly hope this web page makes you think twice about using depo provera if you are not already.

Thank you everyone and if you too are suffering hang in there! You have a friend in me and you are welcome to contact me at any time. Depo causes a true hopelessness that is unexplainable.

If you want to speak up against depo provera I will give you a free web page and free web hosting to do so. Just go to my web site and click on the 'submit your story' link.

Shelly Borsits

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