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Nedick's: A New York Tradition, They Were Gone and Now They Are Back

Jun 20, 2006 (Updated Jun 20, 2006)
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Pros:Excellent Hot Dogs, Better than Nathan's!

Cons:Not many around...yet.

The Bottom Line: I will be ordering a combo of two dogs, waffle fries and the famous orange drink again and again. Love the stuff!

When I was growing up in the city I remember Nedick's on what seemed to be every street corner.(there were about 100) They were easily recognized by the familiar Orange avatar, a green colored figure with an Orange Head.

Over the years I have had conversations with other "city folk" who knew the brand and missed it. Nedick's opened in 1910 and lasted a heck of a long time into the 70s-80s. It seems to me that they declined at the same time NYC went through its economic slowdown and high crime. New York came back and so has Nedick's.


They still offer all that was familiar, their specially made hot dog, thick waffle fries and the famous orange drink that could be seen churning in the cooler on the counter.

They now offer many different style hot dogs that define the choices of many cities of America. Here's the selection as taken from their web site.
The Chicago
Classic Vienna Beef dog with mustard, relish, chopped onions, sport petters, pickle spears, tomato & a dash of celery salt.
Wisconsin Brat
A classic "Usinger's" Bratwurst with sauerkrat & mustard.
Texas Corn Dog
A Vienna Beef dog dipped in our secret batter, fried golden brown.
New Jersey Ripper
Vienna Beef dog, deep fried & topped with mustard & relish.
The Cincinnati Coney
Vienna Beef dog with our famous chili, cheese & onions.
Nedick's Special
Classic NY dog topped your way.
The Philly Tube Steak
All beef dog with sauteed onions & cheese.

I stick with the Classic NY. This is a beef dog, very tasty, in a buttered New England Roll.(The type they use for lobster rolls). I noticed they use Freihofer brand rolls. Let me tell you, "No rolls taste better buttered." The roll is heated on a grill with butter. It's crispy and Mmm, buttery. I happen to like relish on these even though other toppings are available at the small condiment bar nearby.


They did extend their fry four different ways, Waffle Fries, Curly Fries, Cheese-Fries, and Chili-Cheese Fries. The Waffle Fries are incredibly good and my favorite. These are thick waffle sliced potatoes cooked hot through with a slight crispness on the outside. The potato taste is excellent and I love the consistency of them.


Nedick's offers a few choices in sodas including

Root Beer, Diet Root Beer; Cream, Diet Cream.


Chocolate, Vanilla, or Strawberry Egg Cream
Hey you can't get any more NY than an egg cream.

Best though is the classic orange drink that had made Nedick's famous for so many years. They use the original recipe so you know you can still get the real deal. I enjoyed sipping this slowly on my ride back to long Island.

Final Thoughts

Nedick's are in highly traveled places in NY right now. Places where volumes of people pass. The one I went to is in Penn Station. It's not much to look at and shares table space with a few other vendors. You purchase and take your meals to a table that you should clean up when done. Some did, many didn't. No rest rooms are on that site but the Penn Station ones are nearby. The familiar avatar is centrally located. I almost couldn't find the counter itself in the maze of other fast food places there. I did see the orange drink fountain on the counter and the hot dogs and rolls nearby.

The service was OK, a Spanish speaking woman took my order and though I did have to repeat myself a couple of times, she did make my order as ordered.

They do have combo meals with prices on a board so choice is easy. $6.00 gets two hot dogs, waffle fries and a soda. This is a good tasting fat and sugar filled meal. Did I tell you the buttered rolls are Mmm, good!!

Be sure to ask for "just a little ice" if you really want to taste the original drink. Now they fill up the plastic glass with ice and float some orange over it. I did get my drink the way I wanted it, no problem.

I'm happy to see this place back. I will be returning when I visit Penn Station again.

New York City With places to visit and eat.

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