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Jun 23, 2006
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My first experience with my very own juicer. A friend has a high tech (and expensive) juicer that makes remarkably great tasting juice.I decided I would try this entry level juicer, and I was impressed with both the quality and the quantity of juice extracted from various fruits and vegetables. I made a juice with various fruits, most soft, some with thicker pulp, and it was very good, but a little thick (I would recommend against using too much bananas or similar, as it doesn't juice well). The vegetable juices were amazing. Carrot juice was unbelievable.
Cleanup was easy, a few plastic parts to clean and a quick wipe of of the juicer itself. I paid $40 (canadian) at Zellers. Concerned that the stainless steel strainer has no warranty, but everything else has 1 year.
Quality is very good, quantity is good also, although I found that some of the pulp remains "wet" (maybe 30% of the pulp), but I just re-run that wet pulp through the blender to get the extra juice.

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