InfoGlobe Floating LED Message Center with Caller

InfoGlobe Floating LED Message Center with Caller

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See the Time and Date (personal messages and Caller ID) from Anywhere in the Room!

Jun 23, 2006
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Pros:large bright blue LED display, programmable personal messages, clock and calendar, Caller ID, battery backup

Cons:Caller ID requires subscription through your telephone service

The Bottom Line: A fun way of displaying information that is visible from a distance ... an attention grabber!

It is interesting that Sharper Image calls this product the Info Globe Scrolling LED Message Center with Caller ID. No where in the title does it state that it is a clock and calendar ... a feature I love!


This is a sleek looking gadget. It is circular, and as its name suggests, resembles a globe. It measures 6" x 6" x 5" high.

The bottom half is constructed from silver plastic. The top half features a blue transparent dome. When the unit is operating, electric blue colored numbers and letters rotate around the globe in large 3/4" high LED lights.

The silver bottom section is where the controls are located. There are five slim buttons side-by-side around the middle on the front portion of the Info Globe. The buttons are marked (left to right) as: Left, Down, Select, Up, Right. Clicking these buttons in certain sequences programs the globe.

A door is located on the bottom of the silver base. The door opens with a flat-head screwdriver. Here is where three AAA batteries are installed. Should the electric power go out, the batteries will keep the Info Globe operating.

The Info Globe comes boxed and includes: one Info Globe, one Adapter, 3 AAA batteries (or 1 9-volt battery, depending upon which model globe you own), and one instruction book in English.


* Clock with bright, large numbers
* Automatic Daylight Savings Time adjustment
* Day of the week and Month, Day, Year display
* Built-in Greetings (holiday specific)
* Six programmable daily or date-specified messages
* Caller ID name and number display
* Caller ID memory holds up to 54 records
* Programmable on/off timer
* Plugs into wall with battery backup
* Demonstration Mode


For those who hate to read instructions ... all I can say is ... have the instruction book at your side. You may need it. I did. If you are missing the instruction manual, Sharper Image offers it on their website as a PDF file.

The Info Globe is easy to set up. Just pop in the batteries, plug in the adapter and place the globe on a level surface. Preferably, the globe should be placed against a dark background so that the blue LED display is highly visible. Then plug the telephone cord into the base (if you want to use the Caller ID feature).

You will now see the rod inside the blue dome begin to rotate. It will rotate a bit until steady, then the LED turns on. Now you are ready to program the machine. This is where I needed the instruction booklet.

I was able to program personal greetings, such as happy birthday messages to family members. These personal messages can be up to 30 characters long. The Info Globe does not come with an alpha-numeric keypad. Instead, the messages have to be entered using the Up and Down buttons to cycle through the alphabet and numbers. If you wish, personal messages can also be erased to make room for other messages.

It also comes preprogrammed with holiday greetings for New Year’s Day, Valentine’s Day, April Fool’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Grandparent’s Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Happy Holidays (all-purpose greeting for November through the end of December).

The time and date feature can be set using either a 12- or 24-hour time mode. There are several date and time formats that can be chosen. The Daylight Savings Time Adjustment can be turned on or off.

Six pages in the instruction manual are devoted to describing how to setup and use the Caller ID function. (The instruction manual is small, and the print is large.) Note that to use the Caller ID feature, you have to subscribe to the service through your telephone utility. Caller information is stored in a call log that can hold up to 54 records. There are also six ways to view the formatted Caller ID readout messages.

The Demonstration Mode is great for viewing a variety of the displays (date, day, time) as well as Caller ID and personal messages. I viewed the Demo Mode before deciding how to set the machine.

My Experiences

I was very fortunate to receive this clock as a gift. When I showed it to my tech-savvy brother, he said, “I want one!” I had to hold onto it with both hands and dig my heels into the floor to keep him from walking away with it. Okay ... so it only felt that way.

The clock sits prominently in my living room where it is visible from every angle. I don’t have it placed against a dark background, though, so during the daylight hours the numbers and letters are not as visible as they are at night. Come nighttime, the display is an electric blue that never fails to impress. I can see messages from across the room with no problem. The clock is near a window, and the blue reflects from the glass giving an eerie appearance if one forgets what the source of the glow is from.

An ever-changing display revolves around the globe ... seeming to float in mid air. It’s a great optical effect. Since the display rotates around the entire diameter of the globe, it is easy to view the information before it disappears. The info will rotate either left or right (changing intermittently) and also fade up or fade down to reappear again with new information. For example, my globe is set to display the time, day of the week, date (month, day, year), holiday greetings as well as personal messages. I do not have Caller ID, so that option is not programmed. The display is always changing and never in any particular order. It’s like having a mini light show in the living room.

It’s also fun being able to set personal messages. I wish this unit offered more than six slots to create messages. I like to program in Happy Birthday greetings to display on people’s birthdays. I have also done this with Anniversary dates and special occasions. If you have something you do every day and need a reminder, program in a message. Being the happy sort, I have a floating message that says “Have a Great Day!”. It’s always fun to watch people’s reactions when they notice a message I’ve created just for them.

While the lights in the globe are bright enough to view across the room, they are not distracting. They don’t flash in annoying sequences, and the globe is quiet. I can sit in the recliner reading, and glance toward the Info Globe to check the time. The globe does not distract me from whatever I am doing.

I like the fact that the globe has the option of setting it for either a 12- or 24-hour display. I have used both. When the globe is on late at night, it casts a faint blue glow around the area and acts as a dim light. It’s not as bright as a nightlight, but it helps guide my footsteps so that I don’t trip over dozing animals.

This globe is also a conversation starter. People notice it and comment on what an intriguing gadget it is. My brother has hinted that this would make an excellent gift for him. See ... I’m still holding onto it with both hands!


Sharper Image retails this Info Globe for $49.95 each. Currently, it is on sale for $39.95. I was fortunate to receive it as a gift about nine months ago.


I am delighted to own this Info Globe Scrolling LED Message Center with Caller ID. It is not something I would have thought to buy for myself, so I’m grateful to the friend who anticipated a need I didn’t know existed. This clock/calendar is very handy. I use it all the time!

I hope you have found this review useful.

Enjoy your day,

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