Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface Daily Sanitizing Spray

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Clorox Anywhere...And Everywhere

Jun 25, 2006
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Pros:Easy to use and no strong bleach odor


The Bottom Line: Average rating is only because I can't tell if it's really doing the job yet. I will recommend it to my employer though.

I was very excited to see our mailperson come to the door with a package for me. I’m like a kid when it comes to opening a package…like getting presents. It was a bottle of Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface daily sanitizing spray, sent to me from Fleishman Hillard in exchange for my honest review in Epinions.

The first thing I noticed on the box were some examples of uses, the first thing I noticed was “pacifiers”, then “baby bottles”. I thought “Hmmm, it must be non-toxic.” That’s the engineer in me, I’m pretty smart that way, (grin). There was quite a list of applications for using Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface daily sanitizing spray, basically any non-porous surface.

I started thinking what am I going to clean first…a good start was my desk. I moved some of the clutter aside, I mean I placed some of my work aside and read the directions for use. If you’ve read my review about the Reynolds Fun Shapes Baking Cups, you’ll know how important it is to read the directions. The bottle reads; ”Spray on surface until thoroughly wet. Let stand for 2 minutes. If desired, wipe with a paper towel or clean dish towel. No rinsing necessary. For heavily soiled surfaces, a precleaning step is required.” That’s simple enough…I can do that.

I go to spray the surface of my desk and nothing is coming out…can’t twist the front of the nozzle…Ah-hah! Lift the little flap out of the way. I happily sprayed my desk top, and let it sit for the recommended 2 minutes or more while I made some nachos. Came back into my “office” and wiped it down with a paper towel. It was clean and shiny, but the spray didn’t seem to clean any better than other cleaners, we use around the house. Oh, wait…this is a “sanitizing spray”, it says nothing about “cleaning”! It DOES say that it kills 99.9% of bacteria on hard surfaces.

This will be GREAT at my client’s home. One of the jobs I have is working with people who have special needs. In the clients home there are several people who come and go daily to take care of his/her various needs throughout the entire day. I took my 22 fluid ounce bottle to work with me the next day and sprayed everything in the kitchen. The countertops, sinks, microwave, stove, refrigerator, cabinet door handles, and even the coffee pot. I moved to the bathroom and sprayed the mirror, basin, toilet seat, shower bench, basin, handrails and doorknobs. I was leaving no surface dry. I went back to the kitchen and wiped everything dry. Back to the bathroom and noticed that the mirror did not need to be wiped at all, it was already clear and dry. I finished wiping the surfaces that needed to be dried and feel confident knowing I left the at least those two rooms safe for the client and the next care provider to visit. There is no heavy duty chlorine odor at all either, so there was no need to open any windows for ventilation.

Active Ingredients are:
Sodium Hypochlorite: 0.0095%
Available chlorine: 0.009%

One thing I liked about using the Clorox Anywhere hard Surface daily sanitizing spray at my client’s home is the different materials that were there to use it on. Formica, Stainless Steel, Wood, Chrome Plating, Brass, Porcelain, Plastic, Aluminum and Glass.

The labeling also says it’s safe to use around kids, pets and food…then it says: “Keep out of reach of children”. I have been waiting to write this review to hear other care providers (co-workers) responses to this sanitizing spray. I am somewhat disappointed that I haven’t heard anything from them, but I don’t think their response would be much different from my own.

As a cleaner, it is nothing special, but again, that’s NOT the purpose of Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface daily sanitizing spray. It claims to kill 99.9% of bacteria including Salmonella and E coli. Now then, I can’t see any microscopic bacteria laying dead, but there is enough of the familiar chlorine smell (though not overpowering) to make me believe this claim. I feel safe using it around my client and also the kids in my wife’s daycare, like on the toys and changing table, but I personally would not use it on a pacifier or bottle nipple. It says no rinsing necessary, but if it were to be put on something a child is going to put into their mouth, I would rinse very well before giving it to the child.

Where there are multiple people touching common surfaces such as my client’s home, I think this product is Fantastic. The transfer of bacteria happens in the simplest ways. Just touching these surfaces can present a certain amount of danger for illness to occur, I’m not a germaphobe, but who knows.

The suggested retail price for Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface daily sanitizing spray is $2.99 for the 22 ounce bottle. It is on the shelves of our local Wal*Mart for $3.47, slightly higher than the suggested retail price. Do I recommend this product? Yes, I do and will be suggesting to my employer that perhaps all their clients’ homes should have it available.

I thank Fleishman Hillard for sending me this bottle to use in exchange for my honest opinion

You can learn more about this or any Clorox product at:
If you have questions or comments about Clorox Anywhere Hard Surface daily sanitizing spray. you may call them at: 1-800-227-1860

I also thank YOU for stopping by and reading my review. MAKE it a great day!!

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