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Imesh: Great Alternative to Napster

May 28, 2001
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Pros:Resumes files, plenty of options

Cons:Can cause crashes with other programs, less audio than Napster

The Bottom Line: Imesh is great for music and video downloads. Sometimes causes crashes, but works 98% of the time. Plenty of options

Imesh is not as popular as Napster but it is gaining its popularity since Napsters lawsuit. What exactly is Imesh, though? This program allows users to download in a structure similar to Napster. The files are shared between all the users computers and when somebody searches for a file, it is on the Imesh server and transferred from the computer with the file to the Imesh server and then finally to the person requesting the file.

Imesh allows downloads of more than just music. This puts it at an advantage over Napster for overall downloading capabilities. On Imesh, you can download Audio, Videos, Software programs, Pictures, and general documents. This allows users to get a wide range of media other than just mp3's.

The Imesh interface is easy to navigate. You can choose between two different looks for Imesh as well as add skins. You simply click on tabs to move between the differnet features of Imesh. The tabs include: Search, Downloads, Uploads, Contacts, Media Manager, and What's Up (just a mini website inside the program).

The search option includes the box for typing in what you want to search for. It also includes the option to choose what to search for under the catagories of Audio, Video, Images, Software, Documents, and an All option to search for everything at once. Once you complete a search you can search within the results found by clicking a button and typing in what you want to seach for within the result of the other search.

The downloads tab gives you the information for your downloads. You can arrange the order of your downloads by file size, file name, the progess that is has made, the priority set for the file, and by the status of the file. The downloads tab screen shows you if your program is downloading or not, the amount of time left until download is completed, the rate at which it is downloading, and also who you are downloading from.

This shows who is downloading songs from your computer. You can choose to not let anybody download songs from your computer though, if you are afraid they could hack into your computer or if you just don't want to share files.

Imesh offers a community among users. You can add users that have files you like to your contact list. From here you can chat with these users about whatever you want. I don't use this option personally, because I just want to download files and don't personally care for chatting with people on Imesh.

Media Manager
This allows you to search through you computer for different media folders or files you want to share with others. If you don't want to share with anybody then don't worry about this option.

What's Up
This simply goes to the Imesh website for the program. It shows recent news about Imesh and various related subjects.

Imesh allows many media to be downloaded. Here are the following catagories of media that can be downloaded from the Imesh program:

Imesh allows downloads of audio in the form of Mp3's. If you want a song or audio file, simply type it in the Imesh search box, and if its located you can click to download it. Imesh doesn't have as many audio files as Napster does, but I've found that I can get almost any song that I've searched for. If you are looking for rare music, you may have an easier time finding it on Napster. If you want to find popular songs, then I would download with Imesh because it has a resume capability that Napster doesn't.

There are many videos on the Imesh servers. If you want to look for a music video, then you simply choose the video option and then type in what you are looking for. Imesh has many kind of videos. These range from Music videos to home videos to hardcore pornography. Imesh has a ton of porn videos. If you want to find porn videos, I don't know a better place to find them than Imesh. Don't let the idea that porn videos can be accessed keep you from downloading and trying Imesh. If you are afraid your child will be able to get these, dont' be. Imesh gives you the option to password protect it. Nobody will be able to access Imesh without a password, if that is what you choose. So if you are afraid that your child could get into porn videos then password protect Imesh. If you do not password protect it then porn is very easy to get into. The file types that can be downloaded form Imesh for videos are AVI, MPG, and MPEG. These are the most popular type of files and if you want to play them, windows media player will work fine.

One of the areas that lacks in Imesh is the software download option. Although you can find software from Imesh I wouldn't recommend it. Often the programs will be incomplete and will not work. To add to this, there aren't many software programs on Imesh period. If you want to find software I would look to internet sites such as or Imesh lacks in this area.

If you want to find documents with file extensions of .txt, .htm, .html, .dot, .pdf, and a few others, Imesh offers this option. Again, Imesh lacks in this area. There are few files that you will find helpful in the documents area. You are better off searching the internet with a search engine to find the file you want.

One flaw in Imesh is that it often can cause "crashes" on your system. This program has some bugs that need to be worked out. You can check for updates to imesh through one of the many option offered through Imesh. I would recommend updating with every new update available so that amount of "crashes" will be reduced.

Imesh also shows banner ads in its program so that it can stay "free". This shouldn't be too much of a complaint though, because you can simply minimize the imesh client and you aren't forced to view the banner ads. I have no prolem with the banners because they aren't in the way or overly large. They sit at the bottom of the program and change every few seconds. One of the bad things about these banners is that they are said to be "spyware" which traces internet activities to target the ads toward your likes and dislikes. This does no damager to your computer, but if you are paranoid about giving away any information, then just do not download Imesh.

The strong points of Imesh are the Audio and Video Downloads. There are many of these that can be found. If you want a song or porn, then Imesh will probably find it for you. If you are looking for documents and software, then go to the internet for better results.

Overall, Imesh is a great way to get the music and videos you want. It has a few flaws, but those could be fixed in the near future. I know i haven't covered every single thing about Imesh but this review is quite long and covering everything would take even longer. I think I have covered the most important apects of Imesh. Imesh offers plenty of options and you should not be disappointed with its range of flexibility.

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