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Oh my goodness, your review spoke to me!
by MoonLyte
What an excellent review. You know, I'm at that shaky stage in my Epinions "career", too. I have 6 members on my WOT, and I credit Epinions and the writers on this website for helping me to grow in my writing, as well. I look back at Epinions I had written over a year ago, and I see a different thoroughness in my writing. I had my faith in Epinions shaken a bit when I learned about the new Income Share program. I was hoping I could turn this into a part-time job, of sorts. That's okay, though. You were right on in your review. There are many wonderful people here who are here to befriend and encourage us, so we should enjoy it while we can. I felt like you were speaking for me in your opinion!!! Great job. God bless, Lori
Dec 5, 2002
11:22 pm PST

Good Stuff...
by AlvinKing
You can tell it's old due to the MOST Helpful Ratings...

I've been here a while, just haven't written enough, but I truly enjoyed your post, article, review or whatever...

And I agree that being here is a cool experience.

Thanx for sharing that...

Alvin O. King
Aug 25, 2002
7:20 pm PDT

Most Helpful?
by MrReEvolution
Ok, help me out here as I just started writing again recently for the first time since last August. How can I list something as MOST HELPFUL? I don't anything on the page indicating such a thing. Help! Thanks.

John Dunphy
Jun 10, 2002
7:35 pm PDT

Well Said!
by parudice
It seems like I've been here forever and had my share of ups and downs with this site. I was first lured here with the promise of ten dollars for the first opinion that I submitted and ten cents for each click. Editorials earned the same amount of money. The ten-cent deal only lasted a couple of months and by then there were thousands of people furiously banging out reviews on everything from movies to bubble-gum. At the time, earning a HR (highly reccomended) was simple. You just had to make sure that the review had at least one hundred words and that it made sense. It didn't take long, however for things to change. Reviews started getting more in-depth and ratings borderlined between indignation and sometimes downright vengeful. I became disenchanted with the whole thing when writing was no-longer pleasurable and had become stressful. I didn't read many reviews written by other members as I should have and my WOT suffered for it. Now that I want to start writing again I question whether I not I've got the strength for it. Things have changed drastically and I hardly ever see members that I recognize anymore. I'm glad that I came across your editorial. It seems to have brought about a quirky smile to my lips and a certain lightness in my chest that appeared to have given birth to a giant rock not moments before. I'm keeping you in my WOT..........not because I'm a suck-up. All you have to do is look at how often I have written and my WOT to know I don't smooch up to people. You are there because I'm going to need your writing to cheer me up now and then. I'll be looking forward to what you have to say in the future.
Feb 5, 2002
6:23 pm PST

by Sandra.Ruoff
You used my current favorite word plethora ;)
My friend Dawn and I have a funny habit of finding sentences we can use this word in. Say, my nectarine tree has a plethora of fruit on it! Or, My closet has a plethora of shoes! You get the idea....... I liked your review and thanks for rating my review on Motherhood! God Bless!! Sandra
Jan 22, 2002
10:48 am PST

Re: Ha ha ha ha!
by ebrown2
The sad thing is, it's too true to be funny.
Jan 21, 2002
9:10 pm PST

I always enjoy....
by cr01
reading "anniversary" Epinions, and why other authors hang around this site, and this is as good as they come.

Congrats on your 101!

Jan 16, 2002
2:29 pm PST

Great job!
by theciscokid

Hi Great-ness,
Beyond our non-comparable counts of trust and reviews written, you've shared extremely similar thoughts as myself... particularly in regard to the magnetic force which pulls you into the creation of a new review at times.
And your concern toward how little we are paid is certainly shared by all.
The concept of the great ship Epinions is fantastic, yet we seem to have morons at the helm, as their should be ways to compensate quality reviewers.
Thanks for a great read! And... a toast to your trust list :)

Jan 15, 2002
5:02 am PST

by Caprig
So glad to have a chance to read your reviews. Keep them coming. If Epinions ever does close, we all need to start a site just so we can all keep in touch!

Jan 14, 2002
8:37 am PST

An Interesting Thinking.
by djohan
I love to read this kind of opinion. I enjoy reading this refreshing one. Thank you for sharing this one. Cheers, -dj.
Jan 14, 2002
5:09 am PST

by jro26
Don't give them ideas!! lol (about the pay to write thing;)

Happy Anniversary!

Jan 14, 2002
1:51 am PST

by shoplmart
hey, congrats, I have written 83 reviews, and have only received a whopping 18 cents! LOL.I only dream of the day that I get 3 cents per review!lol, Anyway I enjoyed reading your review as always!!!

Jan 13, 2002
2:31 pm PST

good for you!
by jankp
Kudos on your anniversary and for this wonderful essay. Hope you keep them coming cuz I really appreciate your writing.

Jan 13, 2002
10:19 am PST

Great review, Victoria....
by diverpam
Kind of like the law of diminishing returns... LOL!

Congratulations on your many fine reviews -- you have added much value to this site.

(I think it took me about 6 months to even figure out what the WOT was!)

Take care,
Jan 13, 2002
4:14 am PST

Hear! Hear!
by telynor
Or should that be Read!? Yes, I have managed to meet and get to know a lot of very fine people here on Epinions, and that alone keeps me plugging away at it, (and also the chance to howl Don't see this Movie! on occansion). Enjoy your reviews, Victoria, and here's to the next hundred. -- Telynor
Jan 12, 2002
10:52 pm PST

Hear! Hear!
by telynor
Or should that be Read!? Yes, I have managed to meet and get to know a lot of very fine people here on Epinions, and that alone keeps me plugging away at it, (and also the chance to howl Don't see this Movie! on occansion). Enjoy your reviews, Victoria, and here's to the next hundred. -- Telynor
Jan 12, 2002
10:52 pm PST

I'm waiting for the day...
by skbreese

I for one am glad there are still people like you on this website. I enjoy reading your interesting, well written reviews. Epinions is not about making money, but about recognition, relationships, and the power of having your thoughts on public record. Keep up the good work. Sheila
Jan 12, 2002
6:28 am PST

by glomarrone

I just stopped by to tell you how much I enjoyed reading your epinion. I realized the same thing about the importance of reading other members' epinions to increase my WOT. In the beginning I didn't know what was expected and was surprised that only 5 -6 members were reading my epinions. Once I started visiting other epinions, my hits went way up & my WOT began to grow. I hope all newbies read this editorial. Good job and well said.

I always enjoy reading your epinions. I think your writing is great. I hope to see you around for a long time to come. See you again.

Jan 12, 2002
6:18 am PST

Welcome back
by LifeStar
Great job Victoria! Nice to see you got your feet wet again into the editorials. Thanks for your encouragement on my reviews too, it's been a pleasure reading your comments on them. Keep up the good work! Maybe one day I'll have 400 people trust me too... when I'm 80. ;)

Jan 11, 2002
11:06 pm PST

I'll be looking forward . . .
by ed_grover
to your next 101 reviews and many more years of writing here. I'm just beginning to realize how much I missed this place.

Jan 11, 2002
7:44 pm PST

Congratulations on your milestones!
by wordwalker
(That sounds rude, somehow!) Please don't ever leave the site unless they make us pay; you've accomplished so much here and have so much to offer us still.
Jan 11, 2002
5:57 pm PST

Congratulations on your
by ifif1938
anniversary and the quality of your reviews, no matter what category they are in I always enjoy them

Take care
Jan 11, 2002
11:31 am PST

May That Sad Day Never Dawn.......
by tombarnes
Though they are probably hatching a plan right now..... :) An excellent piece. Congratulations! Tom Barnes
Jan 11, 2002
9:02 am PST

Great Review!
by fyvel
I loved reading this review! I wish you had written this a month ago :) Even though it's still really small, I've been noticing growth spurts in my WoT since I started 1)reading and rating more (and leaving helpful comments) and 2)spicing up my profile page. I only had four trusters for the longest time, but right around the time I started r/r more, I have started getting new people on my WoT daily.

Geez, if I ever have even half as much success here as you do, I will be a very very happy girl :)

Thanks for all the great reviews!

Jan 11, 2002
8:58 am PST

Congratulations on 101 Reviews!
by fiona32

And from reading your writing, I have a hunch you WILL be around for your 200th review. When the muses strike, we just gotta get to the computer.
I wish I could be as disciplined as you though.
As you'll see (if you'd like to read my reviews....PLEASE! :-)...) I definitely go in spurts, but they're a lot longer than a few weeks.
I know I can write, I love this site so much, yet I go through these dry spells. It sure isn't about the money. Like you, it's the contacts I've made here (friends, acquaintances), as well as those who have given me straight-from-the-heart honest feedback. As a writer, we need that!
Reading your review has stoked this writing engine again. You said it all, and so well!
I'll be looking at the rest of your reviews, hopefully in the next 2 days. When I discover a great writer, it's like reading someone's "first novel".....I feel that same sense of delight.
Jan 11, 2002
8:27 am PST

Victoria, number one . . .
by gungian
. . . hundred and one is a keeper - and so are you.

You have an inquisitive mind and an enjoyable writing style.

Epinionaters such as yourself are in short supply here.

Write On!
Jan 11, 2002
7:58 am PST

by kamel622
...and it is amazing to me how much we have in common. Writing for me, is a passion also, but not nearly as often as I would like it to be. I admire so much those who can write everyday. Like you, I usually put out a review every few weeks, and when I do it does seem to just flow, for the most part, just can't get the inclination often enough.
I've also found some remarkable friends here on epinions, and find that to be the real gift of this site.
Congrats on review #101...that is a true milestone! Keep up the great writing...kath
Jan 11, 2002
6:56 am PST

Thoughtful and insightful review
by heidifromoz
If you are as good at writing across the board as you are on Epinions, you won't let Epinions be your benchmark, but rather a warming-up for the real talent you possess. Epinions is a great way to see yourself 'in print' as it were (albeit electronically) but it can never equate to the true thrill of being published properly. In terms of what are considered 'unpopular' topics, crown me the queen of that category. I feel, ultimately that I write for myself, but then again, writing is essentially a very lonely undertaking and it's hard to keep going without an audience. I admire what you've done in a year, and the research you've done on the Epinions scene, and only wish I had the energy to do the same! Thanks for the info - it's invaluable. HfO
Jan 11, 2002
6:35 am PST

by macresarf1
Dear Victoria: I don't know if the new picture of that Beauty on your page is you or not, but I've known for a while that you have a beautiful heart. Your essay here gives evidence of that.

This weary old Knight of Epinions wishes to lay his sword at your feet. (Or is that "feat"?)

At your age, I hope you move up to the Highlands of Literature. Meanwhile, to another 100 reviews!



Jan 10, 2002
5:46 pm PST

Re: ...
by Greatpilgrim
You wouldn't happen to be talking about me, would you there? Good, cuz I'm a brainy girl. ;-) (Why is it that I always use "cuz" in the same sentence as "smart" or a synonym? It's as if I wanted to prove that I'm not.)

Thank you, O Poetess.

Jan 10, 2002
4:55 pm PST
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