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Hi Sherry Lee
by eyestar
This is a wonderful review, like usual you are still doing a great job! I don't know if you remember but I used to write quite a few reviews a few years back & I remember you from then! I'm the one who is also from Montana (Bozeman). I've been so busy that I haven't had time to write reviews lately. It's nice to read your reviews again.
Feb 8, 2002
11:36 am PST

by Lark729_89
for the very helpful (I mean MOST helpful) review chock-full of important info for keepers of fish.

Jan 31, 2002
8:25 am PST

Excellent As Always!
by cldoss
Hey Good to see you!! Very good information. Thanks so much for the nice things you said about my review and for mentioning it... Sounds like you have graduated to quite the huge aquarium!! I have been using my own 5 stage RO/DI water purifier I bought several months back so I can make my own salt water now instead of having to buy it at the local marine fish shop... It is GREAT. I highly recommend getting one if/WHEN you make the switch to Salt Water!!! :0) If/WHEN you decide me and I will hook you up with best places to get your live rock for the best prices and lighting.... Take care!!! Christine
Jan 16, 2002
3:55 pm PST

You have to change the water????
by Yzerman
Yikes! No wonder my fish keep dying! Just kidding, I couldn't resist.

Great information in your review. It also reminds me that I have other things I should be taking care of instead of playing on the computer....

Good job!
Jan 15, 2002
7:58 pm PST