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Aug 14, 2006
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Pros:Warm, inviting, gorgeous, sensuous, original, classic...

Cons:Expensive for those of you who don't like that kind of thing...

The Bottom Line: Must de Cartier is a lovely scent. It's well worth the money for those looking for a beautiful musk.

There’s nothing worse than walking into a party and smelling your perfume on other women. Well…there are worse things but to a girl who adores scents it is a nightmare. To alleviate that fear I have learned that investing a few extra bucks on unique fragrances is the way to go. I’m always on the lookout for something different. I love warm smelling perfumes with musk, citrus fruit, light floral, vanilla, and berry. That leaves a lot of room for experimentation, still I am picky.

A really good musk scent is hard to come by. You’d be surprised at how few exist and those that do are much, much to plain for my tastes. I’ve found that I really like Dolce & Gabbana (the one with the red packaging) and 24 Faubourg by Hermes but aside from those there is little that has peaked my fancy in the last five years. Now, I’ve stumbled upon another, not-so-new fragrance. Must de Cartier is an older, classic musk that is well worth the investment. It is gorgeous, warm, unique, and comforting—at least to me.

Cartier designed Must in 1981 and it quickly became a classic among women. It was the first from the jeweler—in fact, the first from any jeweler. Upon spritzing the eau de toilette on my skin, I am struck by the softness. It is an oriental fragrance and therefore something of an acquired taste, but it appeals to my deepest fragrance loving self. On the surface it is a vaguely sharp musk with green notes. The fresh, classic top notes of galbanum, tangerine, and neroli are unexpectedly beautiful. If it wasn’t for the light floral center (rose, jasmine, daffodil) or the incredibly strong base I wouldn’t be interested. That base is most obviously vanilla and amber but also includes a dash of patchouli, tonka bean, and vetiver.

Must has been modernized as of late. I’m not entirely sure of the differences, but wearers report not liking the scent on their skin like they did fifteen years ago. In any case, I can’t help but adore every moment of a day with Must de Cartier filling my nose. There are, of course, some warnings. If you don’t like musks you will not enjoy Must. If you don’t find some comfort in warm, amber infused fragrances then you may instead prefer to go the way of other Cartier scents like Delices, So Pretty, or even the more delicate Must II.

While I adore the smell of Must, I must warn potential buyers that it is pricey. Good scents can’t be found in the drugstore and they usually aren’t found at Wal-Mart (though, they are sometimes). Must can be gotten in places like upscale department stores and Sephora but you’ll find it is full priced. Get a whiff there and then log into your favorite online perfume emporium and buy it for much less expensive. For reference, you can get must in either eau de toilette or parfum formulas. Shower gel, deodorant spray, body milk, and body cream are also available. Eau de Toilette starts out retailing at $50 retail for a mere ounce and you can get 3.3oz for $100 (though subtract a good amount from both of those amounts for the “reality price”). Parfum is more expensive and begins at $100 for .5oz and goes all the way up to $200 for a 1.6oz refillable bottle. I got the 1.6oz eau de toilette for about $50 from Perfumania.

If you love musk and are looking for something a little different but still classic, you should definitely pick up Must de Cartier. It’s worth the money—plus you won’t smell like your friends or your grandma.

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