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Hold the phone! Dryer Balls are NOT as seen on TV!

Aug 24, 2006 (Updated Aug 25, 2006)
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Pros:Safe & chemical free, cheap

Cons:Donít work as promised, Loud, Get stuck in clothing

The Bottom Line: DryerMax Dryer Balls don't live up to any of their promises.

DryerMax Dryer Balls are an As Seen on TV product. I have never purchased something being advertised on TV, but these caught my eye, because they stated something about improving energy efficiency and we were seeing increasingly large utility bills each month. I still didn't call, because I'm not very trustful of those commercials. Then, about a month later, I ran into a package of the Dryer Balls at Linens 'n Things and decided to scoop it into my cart for a trial run.

What in the world are Dryer Balls?
Dryer Balls are a very simple product with a very unimaginative name. One package comes with 2 soft, light blue Dryer Balls that are about the size of a baseball, are made of rubber, and have soft little spiky nodules all over them. The rubbery plastic material is heat resistant and there are no sharp edges on the balls, so they are safe to use with delicate clothing items. I purchased my package for $9.99, but they were selling for $14.99 on TV. Of course, that's because they throw in that free additional item if you call right now!

Why would you need Dryer Balls?
According to the multitude of promises made by the manufacturer, Dryer Max, these little balls should be the product of the century! Here's what they are intended to do:

(1) Soften fabrics & clothing naturally: There are no chemicals contained in the make-up of Dryer Balls as opposed to those found in fabric softeners and dryer sheets. This can be a plus for those with sensitive skin, or for washing baby products.

(2) Dry your clothes faster to save energy: The spiky nodules on the Dryer Balls are intended to separate the fabric of your clothing as it spins in the dryer, thus allowing air to flow more efficiently and getting them dried faster. According to the commercial, they can cut drying time in half!

(3) Leave your clothes softer and fluffier: The nodules again are supposed to massage fabric as it spins and therefore fluff it up more than a dryer sheet would.

(4) Save you money on laundry products: Because the balls are reusable and intended to last up to 3 years, you should save money on fabric softeners and dryer sheets that constantly have to be refilled.

(5) Reduce static: According to the commercial, the Dryer Balls rubber material is intended to reduce static in your clothing so that you'll never have to use dryer sheets for any type of load.

So, how did the Dryer Balls work for you?
Unfortunately, I won't be shouting from the rooftops about these little blue balls! Here's why:

(1) Didn't cut drying time in half. If anything, I noticed an insignificant difference in drying time for a load of towels; possibly 5 minutes less.

(2) Not softer & fluffier. In the commercial, they stack towels dried with the Dryer Balls next to towels dried with a dryer sheet, and the former stack looks so much fluffier and taller than the latter. This doesn't happen in real life. I actually conducted my own experiment when I had way too much time on my hands during maternity leave, and my stacks were of equal height. BAH.

(3) My savings account didn't grow. With all that money I was supposed to save on energy bills and other laundry products, I expected to have some additional money in my piggy bank, at the least. Nada. I'm still buying fabric softener, because my clothes weren't any softer with the Dryer Balls and I'm still buying dryer sheets, also, which leads to reason number 4.

(4) Crackle, Crackle Reduced static? I don't think so. The first week of using these, both my husband and I had to spray down our clothes with static guard just to walk down the street without accentuating every part of our legs! We looked like we were pushing through 100mph wind, but the trees weren't moving...

(5) There's a herd of elephants upstairs! The first time I used these, we sat down to eat dinner while the dryer was running and my husband asked me if I had overloaded the machine, because it sounded like it was jumping around on the floor. I didn't think we had suddenly acquired a poltergeist, and sure enough, it was these soft little Dryer Balls thumping around in there!

(6) What's that in your pants? It's annoying when a dryer sheet falls out of your pants right? Well, what would you do if a blue ball came tumbling out? Obviously, you'd notice that when you put them on, but seriously, these were always getting stuck in sleeves and pant legs. How can they separate your clothes if they're stuck inside them? And I didn't particularly like the cuffs of some sleeves getting stretched into a round shape.

Final thoughts
Basically, don't waste your time or money. Yes, it's nice that they're chemical free, but what good does that do if they don't work? You might as well not use any products if you want to go that route!

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