Sight and Sound  Millennium Theatre

Sight and Sound Millennium Theatre

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Sight and Sound Millennium Theatre, One of the Most Popular Venues in the East

Aug 24, 2006
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Pros:Excellent Theater to see large productions in.

Cons:Even in Pennsylvania's rural Amish Country, there's traffic to contend with when entering the theatre.

The Bottom Line: This is no finer religious themed theatre that puts on such extraordinary productions. It's the best.

Tucked in the middle of Amish Country, just outside Lancaster, Pennsylvania, is the Sight and Sound Millennium Theatre. This venue is one of the top theatres in all the east coast and is the largest Christian live theatre in the United States. It has over 800,000 visitors each year.

The first show I ever saw in the new theater that replaced one that burned in 1997 was "Noah". It was an extraordinary production with over sixty people and many live animals. More animals than I remember in the Radio City Music Christmas Spectacular shows.

The 2,000 seat theater has a HUGE wrap around stage that brings the show to the side of the audience. As an adult I thought it incredible. This theaters productions are also wonderful for kids too.

The 300' stage is immense. The only one I have ever been to that has this kind of size and huge production is Radio City Music Hall in NYC. This theater has that kind of feel that I can easily compare to that other world famous grand theater.

The sound and lighting systems in this theater are state of the art. They are far superior to most Broadway systems because of the many actors in the productions and the large area in which it is exhibited.

A gift shop is in the lobby with many religious themed souvenirs and such. The place did it right in that they do have a adequate restrooms for the patrons, including the woman. The theater is Handicap accessible.


Though I have never taken the tour of this theater, I can see that it would be entertaining and informative. Here are words from the web site.

Hosted by the actors of Sight & Sound Theatres, this 75-minute tour takes you through the majestic Millennium Theatre. Learn how the spectacular shows are created, from scriptwriting to set design and construction, including sound and lighting systems, costumes, cast dressing rooms, and animal actors' areas.

Pricing and Schedules

Right Ruth is the production in the main theater. It plays through October 21st. By November 11th the theater will be showing the annual "Miracle of Christmas" show that continues into January. Next year's main production is scheduled to be,In the Beginning going on from Mar 30, 2007 - Oct 27, 2007.

All seats are $39 for adults, $25 for teens and $15 children on weekdays. The price goes up about $10 for weekend shows. Do be sure to check there Sight and Sound website for particulars. There are afternoon and evening shows different days of the week. Another reason to check the sight.

This is a VERY popular tour bus stop so many tickets are paid for in advance. Be sure to have yours procured before just "showing up". There's a good chance you will be disappointed.

Sister Theater

Before the Millennium Theater was constructed there was the Living Waters Theater. It still there on the same road. This is a much smaller venue but also puts on religious themed shows. This theater has shows till December 30th.

I was there but one time. Besides the main show the fountains of water working with music are spectacular!! If you have ever been to Vegas and watched the shows at the Bellagio on the strip, you have an idea as to what is presented here. This is smaller and indoors though. It's still exciting!!

There are combination tickets where you can see a show in the Millennium Theater and the Living Water Theater at a reduced price.


The only problem we had getting to see shows at this theater was waiting in line while driving our car up to the theater. Only a traffic light helps direct people in and out the one entrance to the theater, but it's worth the wait.

This is truly a spectacular theater to see both inside and out. I remember the first visit to it. It's not readily seen from the main road. As you climb the hill going to it, it comes into site. The warm earth tone colours of the immense building, that looks like its set somewhere in Jerusalem, is beautiful.

Though the theater was built in 1998 it is still looking brand new. The lobby areas are expansive and a place that will have your head turned up looking at the pleasing decor and architecture of the building.

Though this is a Christian Theatre most of the productions are Judeo/Christian stories from the Bible. I believe many of the shows they have presented like Ruth; Noah - The Musical; Psalms of David; Daniel - A Dream, A Den, A Deliverer and Abraham & Sarah - A Journey of Love are certainly suitable for our Jewish brethren. They do have Christian themed shows based on stories of Jesus too. The Christmas Show is indeed, Christian themed.

The site lines in the theater are excellent. Every seat has a view. Those close to one side or the other are still close to the action. I happen to love the Pennsylvania Dutch Country of Pennsylvania. The Sight and Sound Millennium Theatre gives us one more reason to visit this area.

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