A Defective Disposable Black & Decker (now Applica)

Aug 24, 2006
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Pros:Spacious interior, 60-minute timer, easy cleaning, 2 rack slots, nice looking.

Cons:Defective controls, short life, toast/waffles etc. too dried out, Black & Decker apathy.

The Bottom Line: The bottom line is that when this one goes, I will opt for a better oven with many of the features that I like.

My original Black & Decker toaster oven was roomy, did a great job with toast and heating - and lasted for more than a decade. I kept it until it almost literally fell apart. The grate also came out when the door was opened, which was a nice safety feature so that you didn't burn your hands getting the food out. It also had a fold-out top for use of the inner top to keep food warm. This was a great feature because I could store things on top of the oven. I truly hated to give that one up when the time came.

Since I use my toaster oven for all of my meals (one-person household) and to heat large platters of veggies for my flock of birds, I wanted another roomy oven with at least a 1-hour loud timer. The CT0651 is huge, has a 60-minute loud but not obnoxious timer with highly visible blue light signal, very easy-to-clean interior, nice pull out crumb tray, and comes with a tool to pull out the grate so that your hands don't get burned. Despite all of these features, this model must be defective because I'm on my 3rd or 4th one now thanks to the WalMart return policy. If this one goes within a 2-year period, I'll just trash it and buy another more reliable brand (anything has to be more reliable).

The defective parts are the controls that went on most of the ovens. They just didn't work after a short time. The longest I had this last oven was a little over a year before the bottom heating elements went (could have been the controls). I wrote to Black and Decker about it and got the response that it was not economically feasible to have it repaired! No wonder they are changing their name to Applica and phasing that in.

Toasting in this oven never did an optimum job probably because of the large interior, even though it did have an upper rack slot. It was fine for my needs, because I used it more for baking. I can place a 10" round or oblong dish in it and then another smaller bowl or bread on the side of the dish with no problem.

The oven measures approximately 20" in length and just barely fit on the part of the counter where it was placed. It is brushed stainless steel which is more durable than plastic, but I would have preferred the older darker metal casing. The stainless steel requires a bit more work and wipings to keep dust free and smudge free. The window is easy to clean with just wiping and never really accumulated the inner grease that most do. Of course, I only had this one for a little over a year. It comes with a nice large enamel pan and grate that I never did use. The door could have been made to close tighter too.

The bottom line is that when the time comes (and I hope it's more than a year from now), I will opt for a better oven since they are available with many of the features that I like now. I'd rather pay a bit more than to have to go to the trouble of returning one.

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