Best Haunting Ethereal Female Vocals

Feb 3, 2002

The Bottom Line Well there are not 10 albums here but 13. I hope that you enjoy them and that they lead you on a path to musical discovery.

OK, I admit it, I am obsessive about this kind of music and have devoted hundreds of hours to authoring a web site that majors on information about Celestial Voices you'll find it at

I give you this list in no particular order, it would be impossible to name an all time favorite. The names Enya and Adiemus will be familiar to you, but I offer this list as a gift to anyone who has heard the music of Enya, marveled at it and wished that they could find other musicians that spoke to their souls in the same way as Enya does.

Here goes:

Amethystium - Odonata
Female Sanskrit chants, ethnic percussion combine with modern rhythms, style and mystery to merit repeated play on an out-there, candlelit night.

2002 - River Of Stars
Featuring vocals, flute, and strings combined for a heavenly, soothing musical glow.

Alkaemy - The Merlin Mystery
The potential to transport the listener to another time and place.

Carla Lother - Ephemera
Carla easily mixes pop, traditional folk, New Age and classical music into songs that will caress your senses.

Carol Tatum - Awake Inside A Dream
The definitive Celestial Voices album! Carol Tatum sculpts beauty with each part of herself.

Happy Rhodes - Many Worlds Are Born Tonight
Brings to bear a unique marriage of electronic music and complex vocal harmonies. Her voice in its higher register has an uncanny resemblance to that of Kate Bush.

Libera - Robert Prizeman
Unique choral sound, some tracks having a light hip-hop backing. This recording features boys from 11 to 15 years of age, the sound is very young, fresh and uplifting.

Lisa Gerrard - The Gladiator
Using ethereal vocals amid swirlingly produced strings as well as driving drumbeats and massive orchestral sounds to evoke all the passion you could care to see in one film.

Loreena McKennitt - The Book of Secrets
With her refined harpestry, angelic voice, and melodious compositions, Loreena McKennitt brings an ethereal, exotic music to the genre.

Lorenza Ponce - Lorenza Ponce
Your girlfriend doesnít understand you. Your boss is piling on the pressure. The city is noisy and polluted. You canít stand it any more. You get into your car and drive into the lonely night until the road holds only you and some lonely truckers hauling their loads. You reach over to select a CD from the pile you brought with you. It is Lorenza Ponceís self-titled album. You slip it into the player. You smile. You relax. Everything in the world is OK.

Miriam Stockley - Miriam
If you have heard the album Songs of Sanctuary by Adiemus, with its exquisite vocalizations, you've heard this unique and amazing artist from South Africa. Her hypnotic vocals have made her one of the most sought-after session singers in Europe and the UK. On this 1999 solo debut, she creates a multi-tracked, complex and versatile world-pop-classical crossover fusion that defies categorization, and declares her as a vocal force all her own.

October Project - Falling Farther In
This cd is one of the most beautiful and heart-wrenching collections of music I have ever heard.Some artists ask to take you on a journey with them. October Project picks you up and carries you along through falling in and out of love, loneliness, emotional turmoil, to the beginning and end of the world.

Uman - Purple Passage
Their music is a unique mix of ambient, electronic, new age and world influences with a touch of the French chanteuse/lounge vibe.

Wendy Stark - Child of Transference
A stunning example of contemporary vocal work mixed with modern electronic instrumentation. The albumís songs have been woven together in a way that just grows on the listener with repeated hearing.

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