Treat Your Feet Well! with a good foot lotion or moisturizer!

Feb 4, 2002 (Updated Oct 16, 2005)

The Bottom Line Everyone needs a different kind of lotion.

Over the past year I have had to choose foot lotions, body lotions, shampoos, and deoderants for someone else.

I have had to do all of the purchasing of these personal products for my mother. She has particularly been in need of foot lotion.

My mother has very poor circulation in her feet. Her skin is almost transparent now and breaks down easily. The condition of her skin has worsened as the year has gone by.

She gets very dry skin on her feet, she also has very cold feet and sometimes they get bright red and swollen and very sore. We purchased a foot massage tub for her and that has helped but rubbing her feet seems to increase the circulation much better for her.

So we have tried many products over the past year to try to help her to make her feet feel better.

We have learned that we need a very greasy foot moisturizer for her. Something that is oily and leaves the foot greasy. Otherwise the skin just absorbs the lotion and she is left with an even drier foot. We have also learned that after lotioning her feet we need to cover her feet with a pair of white socks. This keeps the moisture on her feet and helps to keep them from drying out overnight.

When rubbing her feet we prefer a lotion to a moisturizer. It is less messy for the person rubbing her feet.

Foot lotion needs to be different than hand lotion. Since we use our hands for everything it is very difficult to deal with greasy hands. Whereas, greasy feet, with proper socks, is usually quite a good way to keep them from drying out.

For myself, I also prefer a moisturizer for my feet. However, I use petroleum jelly when my feet are very dry and I put it all over my feet and then put on a pair of socks. In the morning my feet will feel soft and silky, no dry spots.

You must know the condition of your feet prior to choosing your lotion. Are your feet dry, with a small layer of skin looking flaky? Are your feet cracking and peeling like an onion? Do your feet itch? Do they feel hot to the touch, or are they cold and achy? Whatever the condition of your feet you need to choose something that will work well with your condition. My mothers feet are flaky, cold and itchy. She needs a moisturizer that also works well as a lotion for rubbing her feet.

For babies I prefer a mild baby lotion and usually use it after a bath. The lotion seals in the moisture from the bath water. Each of my three children were born with dry skin on their feet. I used a mild creamy baby oil on each of them after their sponge baths. Then immediately placed them in footed pajamas and my children's dry skin was cleared up by the time they were 5 days old. At their first doctors appointments after leaving the hospital the doctors always remarked at the lack of dry skin on my newborn children.

It is important when purchasing a lotion to remember that an elderly person with aging transparent skin, needs something different than a newborn baby's skin. Also, a child and an adult have different needs for their skin.

My own feet crack and peel in the winter and rubbing them hurts. So I use petroleum jelly then cover with my socks.

My husband has a totally different problem. He has a tendancy towards athletes foot. This requires a medicated lotion.

Whatever the condition of your feet, I have found that the most important item you need when caring for your feet is clean white absorbant socks to wear to bed each night that you are treating your feet. (Or clean terry cloth footed pajamas for baby.) The socks hold in the moisture helping your feet to become soft. If you have an athletes foot issue the socks will contain the fungus to that person.

Whatever your condition, whatever your needs, choose the lotion that will give your feet a wonderful treat!

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