Poor value for the money

Aug 26, 2006
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This is an economy dishwasher that shaved a bit too much off the objective-washing dishes. While I can appreciate leaving off a lot of fancy features for economy, it should at least clean the majority of the dishes. Unfortunately it tends to leave a lot of particles on the dishes and then bakes it on. This might be from the lack of an impeller on the top rack which relies on a jet from the bottom hitting a deflector plate and splashing over the dishes. Loading the racks is difficult as the entire rack layout is uniform and small which makes larger and irregular items impossible to fit such as soup bowls, plastic food containers, etc. The door does not lie flat when opened which does not improve the operation. Noise is loud and is difficult if not impossible to have a conversation in the same room when washing. When not washing the timer clicks quite audibly. In short, if the dishwasher actually washed the dishes fairly well I could put up with it. As it is we will be replacing it fairly soon.

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