Fairly good noise isolation headphones

Aug 30, 2006
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Pros:decent sound, good noise blocking, low cost

Cons:wire rubbing sound present, may be uncomfortable at first if ear canals are sensitive.

The Bottom Line: Definitely worth a try if you're looking for low cost noise isolation headphones. Chances are you'll be satisfied.

While stuff like Shure E4c are nice to have, many people do have family to feed so they may find $200 better spent somewhere else. But you may still want to have a pair of noise isolation headphones so you can have some quiet time with your favorite music or DVD.

Enters EP-630. The headphones sell for less than $30 and they do a pretty good job. With them in your ears, the ambient noises become quite distant and you have a far better chance to appreciate that favorite song you love in a noisy environment, say, a Starbucks full of people. The sound is solid and respectable. I have to admit I don't have particularly picky ears. But I do listen to a large variety of materials so if there's a weakness in any particular band I'd have noticed.

The noise isolation works by the tight fit of silicone earbuds when inserting in the ear canal. That sounds a little scary but I have no problem with it at all.

The whole thing is light and compact so you can bring them anywhere easily. In fact it is indeed a good idea to bring them on your flight or train ride. It also includes 2 sets of silicone earbuds of different sizes so you can find yourself a good fit.

The only drawback I've noticed is that when the wires rubbing with things, for example, your clothes, you can hear the rubbing sound, as the headphones probably don't have shield to block sound travelling directly through the wire (instead of the air). So you probably don't want to wear them in actions, such as jogging.

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