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Cyber Patrol

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Cyber Patrol - The Computer Virus you pay for!

Jun 2, 2001
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Pros:Does SOME of what it is meant to do.

Cons:Can you say "Buggy as Hell"?

The Bottom Line: Never get this. Try another protection system.

Now, let me start this out with a general statement.Don't think I hate Cyber Patrol because I'm the one is was meant to block out ( I am 15). But it's the fact that it goes overboard in every way, and intrudes on EVERY THING.

Let's start with why my parents got it. They wanted me to be safe, so I didn't wind on some whaco's website. As I first used the internet with Cyber Patrol, nothing was wrong. Then, about 2 weeks I had grown to hate it. Half the time my own Inbox in Hotmail would be blocked. Forum's in would be blocked, even though language is filtered there. Then there's the time restraints. My parents NEVER set it. Yet at all hours of the day I would be kicked off, with a message that said Internet access has been disabled at this time. This is at like 7:00 PM.

Then there' the nail in the coffin, and why I call this Buggy as Hell. My parents got rid of Cyber Patrol about a month ago. Well, 5 days ago, I get a message saying Internet Access is disabled by Cyber Patrol. I say to myself "What the? We don't even have it anymore." I did a search for Cyber Patrol in my computer. It's not there. It doesn't exist. Yet it still disabled us, despite cancelling our subscription. Luckily, the people at Cyber Patrol were helpful enough. And I know it wasn't our fault, because it happened to several other people.

Don't get Cyber Patrol. It will only cause you problems. It should have been called Cyber Piece of Crap.

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