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Sep 6, 2006
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Pros:Good sound quality, light, flexible charge options, easy to pair up.

Cons:eargels can be uncomfortable at first.

The Bottom Line: Best headset yet.

I had a Motorola H850 as my first bluetooth headset, it was OK but not great, I then tried the newer replacement to that the H70 I think it was, the fit was better but the sound was terrible. Then I tried the Plantronics Discovery 640 and what a difference. It is very light weight, the sound quality is excellent. I drive an older model truck that is as aerodynamic as a brick so I get a lot of cabin noise. Callers on the other end say that they hear me just fine and very little background noise. I have even used it successfully at highway speeds with the window down. There is of course more background noise but it is reported to be acceptable to the people I was testing it out on.

Like all bluetooth headsets they claim a range of 30 feet which might be true in the lab but not usually in real life. Sometimes it would go that far, others only 10 feet before it would generate static. If the phone is on the opposite side of your body (left hip pocket to right ear) a bit of static is also generated but the motorolas did the same.

This model comes with a handy carry case which contains a charger that is powered by a AAA battery, an optional ear-hook in case you don't care for any of the 3 sizes of eargels, a charging sleeve and several adapters for using any of the styles of chargers that you already have lying around. This is very handy though the mini usb style charger for my PDA phone would not put a charge on even though there is one that fits, hmm. The case has a mirror on the back which at first seems rather vain until you realize it helps quite a bit to see what you are doing the first bunch of times you put the headset in your ear.

Most people should find that one of the three supplied eargels work just fine for them though a few like me will find that one is too small and another is a little too big. As a result the headset wiggles and droops to point to the floor (still works great but looks funny) or the ear-gel is wedged in and makes your ear a little sore until you get used to it. Took me about a week of keeping it in for gradually longer periods of time but now I can wear it all day and forget that it is there.

Even though it is so small the controls are very easy to use and find, not so with the Motos. The volume is controlled by a rocker bar that runs most of the length of the ear piece and the call end/start button is right at the top where you can easily find it by touch.

I read many reviews of many headsets and this one seemed to have most people raving about it with very few complaints and it seems that none of it is hype.

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