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Sep 13, 2006
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Pros:Plenty of space, quickly chills beverages, slick stainless steel front

Cons:Freezer not anti-frost

The Bottom Line: Anyone living in a dorm room should buy this, as it has lots of room and is quite efficient at chilling drinks.

I have had this fridge for about three months now and I have can only think of one problem that I have had with it (a fairly minor one at that).

I received this fridge as a high school graduation gift for use in my dorm room. Had I not been given it, I can tell you, I was already planning on buying it myself. All research I did pointed to this being the leading compact fridge in the market.

This fridge does an excellent job of quickly chilling beverages and keeping them cool. Right after getting it, I filled it to the brim with drinks and within 12 hours, they were all quite cold.

Another major plus is its size. If you are using it primarily for beverages, you will always have room to spare. I don't have enough soda on hand to check for myself, but I would estimate that you could fit approximately 100 twelve oz. cans in with ease.

The freezer is convenient for ice cube trays, with room for about six if you stack them. It is also good at quickly freezing things.

This brings me to my lone complaint, though. The inside of the freezer starts to frost over almost immediately. This becomes much worse should you put full ice cube trays in it. After a few days, my ice cube trays each looked as if they were covered in snow. One must break through about 1/4 inch of frost to discover that there are, in fact, ice cubes beneath the surface.

Nonetheless, I wholeheartedly recommend this fridge for anyone in a dorm room.

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