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Tony Jaa - Mission Two: Save the Elephants!

Sep 15, 2006 (Updated Sep 16, 2006)
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Pros:non stop well choreographed action

Cons:the plot? Save the elephants!

The Bottom Line: Martial arts movie, no high wires

Press Start

melodic eastern music Long ago the great kings of Thailand had sacred elephants that imbued them with great powers. A special group of Thai Warriors were assigned to protect these elephants.

Cut Scene A young boy is trained by his father to protect a family of elephants. One day, they must go to town and give the adult male elephant to the king. The boy, Kham, now a young man accompanies his father with the elephant and his baby elephant. Bad men take the elephant and kill his father.

Scene One You are Kham, go through the crowded streets to find your elephants. Press Y to jump and X to push.

Cut Scene The elephants are taken to Sydney, Australia. Cam boards a plane and lands in Sydney. A comic moment ensues when he bumps into a Jackie Chan look alike.

Act II scene 1 You see the gang who took your elephant. Press X to hit, and Y to kick. Give me back my elephants!

Cut Scene You meet Detective Mark (from the last video game, er movie, Thai Warrior) who takes you in for questioning. You escape. We see that Detective Mark is assigned to protect the police chief, but he is killed! Who is behind the killings? Is it Rose the crime boss leader?

Act II scene 2 - The Warehouse! You are attacked by gang members on skateboards, roller blades and moto cross bikes. Press X to jump and Y to kick!

Act II, Scene 3 - The Thai Restaurant Lobby Your objective is at the top of the stairs Kham. Save the elephants! Press X to do a flying kick and Y to punch. Press up down to throw assailant over the winding staircase rail. Give me back my elephants!

cut scene - Rich people are eating a variety of food. The food is endangered species! You must find Johnny, the man who stole your elephant!

Act II scene 4 - The Restaurant Save the elephants and save your friend Detective Mark! Johnny, you killed my father and stole my elephants!

You have made it, you saved the baby elephant and Detective Mark. Quick! go to the Buddhist Temple!

Act III - The Buddhist Temple The temple is in flames. First you must defeat a large group of regular warriors, then face each one of the super warriors!

Warrior one attacks with supreme muay thai martial arts skills. You defeated him!- you level up!

Warrior two attacks with sword! (Use the giant gong to defeat him!)

A third warrior attacks, he is huge. Your kicks and punches are useless!

Cut scene The police arrive, and the warrior leaves.

cut scene- Rose sits in a leather dress atop a throne. The skeleton of a large elephant sits behind her. The room is filled with evil hench men! Kham enters the room and sees the elephant and is sad and enraged

You learned Rage and Bone Break! Press X to break leg, press Y to break arm

Act IV - Roses' Lair You attack an army of men dressed in black suits. Your objective is to break an arm or a leg of each one!

You did it!

cut scene Several very large men enter the room and begin to pound on you. The boss from the last level returns! (Hint, avoid Roses' whip! and find the elephant bones to defeat the giants!)

This game, er movie, was a lot of action fun. New action star Tony Jaa (star of Ong Bak - Thai Warrior) is another Asian martial arts star who does his own stunts. He doesn't have much personality though, and the plot truly is that of a video game. He literally goes on a bone breaking, head thumping high kicking rampage to retrieve the two elephants that he has been assigned to protect, well that and to avenge the death of his father. Although the film has subtitles when dialogue is in Thai, this film needs no dialogue, it is all about the action and the martial arts. Regretably, Tony Jaa doesn't have the personality of Jet Li or the humor of Jackie Chan. He is okay, but he needs to lighten up a bit. As Action goes, its great action believe me, the last time I saw so many fight scenes, I was watching my son play Mortal Combat! He also thought that this movie was very video game like, and we joked during the movie that one of the bosses looked like Sub Zero. Although he is only 11, he quickly pointed out that the "plot" of this movie was about exactly the same as the plot of Ong Bak - Thai Warrior In this film, he must retrieve the elephants, in that film he had to retrieve the Buddha's head. On route to these missions he engages in many very well choreographed action filled fight sequences.

Only the occasional one liners or comical expressions of actor Petchtia Wongkamlao as Detective Mark provided some comic relief in the film. He was actually funnier in Ong Bak, in which he played Tony Jaa's cousin.

As action goes, it provided plenty of it, and very well choreographed at that. No high wires, just Tony Jaa. What the film doesn't provide, and what keeps me at only an average rating is plot, character development, dialogue, all those other silly things that make up a film. Ah well, it was 90 minutes of entertainment, and I could just watch instead of trying to remember if it was XXYX up down or XYXX down up to execute that killer combo finishing move.

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Movie Mood: Action Movie

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