Throw Away Convenience

Sep 20, 2006
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This microwave was great for the first year, when I used it perhaps once or twice a week (it was in a weekend home). However, when I used it a few times daily, it was an ugly mangy dog. It would stop working and get hot, I'd unplug it, and in a couple of hours, sometimes, it would work again.

A friend gave me a 10-year old Quasar, that has worked like a champ for more than a year.

Good points about this microwave:
1-it was pretty
2-it has a mute button so you don't have to hear all those annoying beeps.
3-it's light enough I can throw it into the back of my car and take it to the dump myself without help.

note: shouldn't a microwave last more than a couple of years? My first one lasted over 20 years!

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