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Got Wood? You will with Method Wood for Good furniture cleaner

Sep 22, 2006 (Updated Sep 28, 2006)
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Pros:Leaves no residue, doesn't streak, eco-friendly, almond scent, cleans great, spray bottle

Cons:Smell can be strong, more $$ than other cleaners, not as good as a polisher

The Bottom Line: If you have wood that needs to be cleaned, chuck your Endust and Pledge... and pick up Method Wood for Good furniture cleaner/polisher... you'll be glad you did.

I never really thought about a lot of "housey" things as a married woman without any children. What do I mean with "housey"? Well, I thought more about form or beauty over the functionality of the piece. Well, I have a lot of wood furniture in my home because I like the finish... and I wanted stainless steel appliances. I never thought about the practicality of either once a little one comes. Fingerprints? Psh, it'll be fine.


I never imagined a nine month old termite with grubby hands would be running around my home desperate to touch and chew on everything I own. Desk? Cocktail table? Picture frames? TV? Completely smudged and disgusting within an hour of the little devil waking up. Once I got beyond the exhausted, half-alive state that occurs when you have a baby... I realized I had to do something to clean my home. Pledge and Endust didn't work for crap on the fingerprints and they smelled awful to boot.

What's a poor mommy to do?

While browsing my local Target

I was at my limit. I needed something that would clean fingerprints (and mouthprints), polish the wood and leave it with a nice shine... but no greasy buildup and no streaks. I also wanted something that lacked the chemical smell that Pledge and Endust give off... As I'm staring blankly at the wall o'cleaning supplies at Target, I remember reading all these great reviews about the Method brand of cleaning supplies. I saw the Method Wood Cleaner in the handsome brown bottle and snagged it for a clean $3.50. The suggested retail cost is $5. The exact product name is "Method Wood for Good" and it comes in a 12 oz spray bottle. I haven't seen Method products sold anywhere but Target, but that may not be true for your area.

Method is a moderately eco-friendly company. Wood for Good advertisees this product to be non-toxic, biodegradable, naturally derived and never tested on animals. It does list a few cautions -- test the cleaner first, keep out of reach of children and don't use this on floors (it will make them slippery).

Like I said earlier, this wood cleaner comes in a nice, brown-colored spray bottle with a nifty-looking label. It appears as though the actual cleaner is a creamy, milky-white color. You are supposed to shake the bottle well and spray directly on to the wood. The spray comes out as a very fine mist, in a round pattern. I love the spray action, I love the mist and I love how large the spray area is. I've never really liked aerosol bottles because their spray is constant and it has a smaller diameter, so this is right up my alley. Another nice thing about Wood for Good is the almond scent. The smell is a *little* strong and if you use the cleaner a lot you will smell almonds for the rest of the day, but it's a great departure from a chemical/orangey/lemon smell. The smell doesn't linger on your furniture (which is also nice).

So... does it work?

First, let me list what I don't like about Pledge and Endust -- they smell horrible, they can't clean fingerprints off wood and they leave a filmy residue that resulted in streaks on my furniture. They were both so greasy and oily that the streaks would appear within hours of my dusting... which made my furniture look horrible. Apparently, Pledge is more of a polisher... not a cleaner... and what I needed was something to primarily *clean* my furniture with a nice polish as a bonus.

Because I'm a cynic, I refused to get my hopes up. I went to the most fingerprint riddled pieces of furniture first -- my son's dresser and my cocktail table. I sprayed it on, rubbed the furniture a little... and... gone. Nothing but a piece of clean, black wooden furniture remained. It left a nice sheen behind. I moved on to my office furniture, bedroom set and nursery -- the results were the same. Fingerprints and mouthprints cleaned off, the streaking was gone, and only a soft sheen remained. I tried buffing it, like the instructions suggested, but it didn't get any glossier. While I don't necessarily have a problem with that, if you're looking for a product that leaves your wood with a glossy finish... this probably won't satisfy you because I don't believe it's oil-based like Pledge. Another thing I liked about the cleaner is that it works moderately well at repelling dust after you're done. About a day after dusting there is half as much dust settled on my desk as there would be with Pledge.

Overall Opinion

I'm really impressed with Wood for Good wood cleaner. While the smell can be overpowering at times, at least it smells like almond lotion instead of chemicals. It doesn't polish that well, but it certainly cleans... and that's what I need from a "wood cleaner." My wood furniture has never looked better. The streaking is gone, the fingerprints are gone, and only that wood sheen is left. Is it a little more expensive than the old regulars like Pledge? Yeah. Is it worth it? Definitely. While it does come in a smaller size, you don't need as much to clean a piece of furniture as you would with a cleaner like Pledge. I've been using it about a month and the results have been fantastic. I'm using a lot of it, but I will admit to having a lot of wood furniture that is being constantly cleaned because of a grubby little devil that runs around my home.

Anyway, if you have wooden furniture in your home, you should definitely check out Method's Wood for Good wood cleaner -- it's worth every penny.


*Cleans wood better than Pledge or Endust
*Leaves a nice sheen on the furniture (not ultra-shiny, which I like)
*Smells like almonds
*Spray bottle is a great concept -- the fine mist it sprays and the diameter make for easier cleaning
*The bottle is very nice looking
*Doesn't leave streaks
*Doesn't leave any buildup on the furniture
*Actually does a pretty good job at repelling dust
*Eco-friendly company -- biodegradable, naturally derived, not tested on animals


*Smell can be overpowering if you are using a lot of the cleaner
*The bottle is only 12 oz and costs anywhere from $3.50 to $5... which is more than the competitors
*This isn't the best *polisher* you can buy, the sheen it leaves on my wood is more on the dull side than ultra-shiny (which you may not like).

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