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Mar 24, 2002

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The Bottom Line If you are looking for the best in hip hop mixes.I have gotten very good responses from my hip-hop mixes.Its guaranteed to get you on the dance floor.

The first song is South Side by Lil Keke. This song gets the the hoes dancing to the beat and shaking their booty. If you are trying get the girls to dance dirty I would play the remix of South side.

The second song is Set it off by juvenile. I can't say enough about this song. The beat is off the roof baby, you will not be disappointed People will react to this song and you will have the urge to down and dirty. Juvenile is simply one of the best rappers that there is.

The third song is Bounce dat *ss by Lil Jon and the EAST SIDE BOYZ. All the hoes will be booty dancing with you when this song is playing. I like playing this song when people have been dancing for a while. People will soon be bumbin and grinding in no time on the dance floor.

The fourth song is The Block is Hot by Lil Wayne. This song will get people dancing if they are not into booty dancing or kind of shy. I like the sound and the sound effects in the background it makes people get into the beat.

The fifth song is Choo Choo by Lil O feat.Hawk,3-2,Mike-D. If you don't mind the lyrics, this song is for you. All the people in the dance floor will be doing the choo choo train in no time. You will not be disapointed with the beat.

The sixth song is H to the Izzo by Jay-z. This song is an all-around favorite for most people. The lyrics are mostly clean and people can dance with not having to dance dirty.

The seventh song is Forget about DRE by Eminem and Dre. I love the way that these two artists can integrate the beat to the Lyrics. You will have all the thugs and the hoes dancing to this beat.

The eighth song is Unleash the Dragon by Sisqo. Every one will be diggin the sound and the beat as well. I have gotten a good response because this song is up beat and not boring.

The nineth song is Back that *ss up by Juvenile. This song is a song that will never be under played in any party. If you want the hoes all up on you, I would play this song for sure. This is the perfect song for booty dancing parties.

The tenth song is We on fire (remix)by Hot Boyz. This song is an up beat song and people will be getting down in no time. I like the lyrics and the fact that it does'nt get boring after a while in the dance floor.

The eleventh song is Get it from ya mama by Juvenile. As you can see Juvenile is one of the best hip hop artist that can make some of the best booty songs. The lyrics get you into the beat and the ladies will be movin to the beat.

The Twelve song is Bea Bea by Lil jon. This song gets everyone in the dance floor. Get your hands up and get crunk to this song. People will be begging for more when this song is over. I would check out the remix of this song which is crunk.

The thirteenth song is Ugly by Bubba Sparks. I love the rhythem and the beat in this song. This song is one of the best for parties. You will not be disapointed with this song. I would also recommend the remix of Ugly.

The fourteenth song is Back Back by Lil O. This song is a song that never grows old the beat is awesome and up beat. I like to play this song in all the parties because everyone gets down to the beat.

The fifthteen song is Makem break it by Lil Keke. I recommend this song for all rap lovers. If you don't mind the lyrics I recommend this song to my homies in the ghetto.

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