Windex has Met its Match

Sep 28, 2006
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Pros:Style, cooking performance, price

Cons:center burner too close to others, nearly impossible to clean streak-free

The Bottom Line: No, no one should have to spend this much time cleaning.

We bought this cooktop a year and a half ago when we decided to renovate our ancient kitchen. I wanted a gas cooktop with at least one giant burner for boiling large pots of water, plus burners that would go low enough for a true simmer. In the past, the gas stoves I've used take FOREVER to boil big pots for family gatherings, and have scorched more sauces than I care to mention when trying to "simmer" on other gas units. We chose the JennAir because it had a the right BTU range between the small and large burners that should allow for both a rapid boil and a true simmer, it looked slick and was in the right price range. We chose the "gas on glass" option in black to match our other JennAir appliances.

True to its claims, the large burner boils a pot almost as quickly as an electric stove and I have yet to burn anything on simmer. It lights quickly with the twist of a knob. The knobs are a breeze to remove/replace for cleaning as are the grates. Large pots and saucepans slide easily across the grates, but smaller pots must be lifted due to the large openings. Cooking is a dream on this cooktop but I have had some serious annoyances which I will share with you.

I'd never had a stove with more than 4 burners and I was excited to have the convenience of a 5th so I could work with several pots at a time. However, when I have a large pot boiling on the center burner, I can't fit anything but my smallest saucepan on any of the other burners. I don't think my large pot is unusually large - it's 10" in diameter. So now what I do is I boil the large pot on the center burner in advance and then move it to one of the medium burners so I can use the rest of the cooktop. For me, there's basically no point in the 5th burner and I could have saved valuable money and counter space with a 4 burner model.

The major drawback to this stove is trying to clean it. Trying is the operative word in the previous sentence, I have yet to see my dear cooktop in the pristine condition in which it arrived. I should say that I am a bit of a clean freak so I am very familiar with how to properly clean things and generally clean my cooking appliances after every use. If I was trying to scrape weeks of grime off my cooktop, I would understand. However, this cooktop takes at least 10 full minutes to become anywhere near clean after just one measly stir-fry. I used to make stir fry to have an easy clean up after a long day. One cooking pot, one eating dish, a quick spray and wipe of the stove and voila! Now stir fry saves me no time. I spent ages trying to degrease and then de-streak my stovetop after every meal (be it stir fry, soup, stew, you name it). Even water leaves streaks when I try to wipe it away. I have used every de-greaser, window cleaner and stovetop cleaner manufactured and a few homemade concoctions as well and no luck! I have resigned myself to having a streaky, dirty looking stovetop. Once a month I have a housekeeper and she says it is the worst stovetop she has ever had to clean in 20 years. With sweat dripping from her brow, she can produce a streak-free shine for me in about 10 to 15 minutes but I can't be bothered to put in that much effort. If you enjoy cleaning, this is the cooktop for you! Although maybe the white model doesn't show the streaks as much . . .

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