Problems with Battered Foods

Sep 29, 2006
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This fryer works well and is easy to clean, as all parts, except for the heating elements, can be placed in the dishwasher. The filtration and storage systems for the cooking oil work superbly well thus there are no oil spillage problems to contend with.
The main concern (which applies to all immersion heater fryers) is cooking battered foods. If you put these foods in the fryer basket the batter sticks to the mesh, but at least you can remove the basket to pry off the food. If you remove the basket (as the manufacturer suggests )to fry these foods then you really do have problems as the batter will firmly affix itself to the heating elements and sensors and bottom of the pan and there is no way you can retrieve the food without running the risk of burning yourself with the hot oil.
The answer is to insert the basket, heat the oil to maximum temperature, and lower these items slowly into the hot oil on a non-stick silicone spatula.
It's a pity that the present trend is with immersion heaters and not embedded heaters.

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