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A lot of this really hits home...
by michiman1 just across the river from Windsor and making sever jaunts a year to or through Canada. I guess we don't use the word "hoser" anymore eh?

Jun 2, 2002
7:09 am PDT

Re: How ironic (moronic?)...
by fyvel
Tronna? I thought everyone knew where Tronna was eh! It's the capital of Canada (j/k) :)
May 25, 2002
6:57 pm PDT

How ironic (moronic?)...
by mefreakboy
that I was called a "canook" just this week while in Illinois (right after being asked where Toronto (Tronna) was!!) The ignorance of the few...

May 24, 2002
3:29 pm PDT

Re: LOL!
by fyvel
Wow guys - thanks for all your comments!

And no, it doesn't just go one way: Canadians have picked up a lot from the Americans, and they ave picked up at least a little from us as well ;)

And eskimo - I noticed you got in your entry already! I am going to go add you to the participants list.

May 22, 2002
10:06 am PDT

by MumMumMum
loved it!

I was just going to go to the bank to cash a cheque so I could go to Timmy's for a cuppa and a smoke, but all the Timmy's, actually everything around here, is smoke free now, eh?

Just heard Calgary got 15cm of snow yesterday, and more coming today, so they just might be living in igloos soon if this keeps up! LOL

Oh, you forgot one..."CAR!" a chant heard on Canadian suburban streets in summer, when entire neighbourhoods are out playing road hockey and some idiot actually wants to drive on the road!

May 22, 2002
8:16 am PDT

by dramastef
Hmmm... I'm from Michigan, and this sounds an awful lot like the dialect found in the Upper Peninsula as well! (Of course, the proximity to Canada could have a lot to do with it)

Great job!

May 22, 2002
6:44 am PDT

Outstanding, eh?
by eskimo101

Great review! I haven't been on the site in so long, I didn't find out about the write off until now. But I am in!!! I don't think I can match yours, but I'll do my darnedest. I have to say, I really enjoyed your piece. I still don't understand the two-dollar nickels that you guys have, but I appreciate you trying to explain it! Thanks for the smile...

- Inuit
May 22, 2002
12:22 am PDT

I loved your review!
by valuemom
As a neighbor (Washington) and frequent visitor, your review brought me many a chuckle! Great job!
May 21, 2002
9:18 pm PDT

Re: Re: Re: Re: ----
by megugrrrl
Can't say anything but 'nice.'

Nice review, nice choice of words, nice (and sometimes hilarious) definitions, and nice writeoff!

Thanks for letting me play,

May 21, 2002
6:09 pm PDT

Re: Re: Re: ----
by fyvel
yeah, out where you misfits and ragamuffins belong!
May 21, 2002
5:29 pm PDT

Re: Re: ----
by nscanuck
Yeah i know, same here, they make you go outside. growl ;)
May 21, 2002
2:36 pm PDT

Re: ----
by fyvel
Aaron - you would fit right in here then! (but now everyone is POed cause all Tim's around here are non-smoking!)
May 21, 2002
2:30 pm PDT

by nscanuck
Nice editorial mandy :-)

"Residents of the Miramichi will flock to Tim Hortonís for breakfast, which consists of coffee and cigarettes." -quote

hey, sounds like me ;)
May 21, 2002
1:05 pm PDT

Re: I Have Always Admired........
by fyvel
Thanks Tom!

We really are quite "Americanized", especially since most of the tv channels we get come from there. It is rather sad that most of the really good stuff is mainly among the older people who never had tv growing up!

May 21, 2002
12:36 pm PDT

I Have Always Admired........
by tombarnes
I have always admired the gentle Canadian resistance to the creeping Americanism that seeps northward from our border. It is always refreshing to see local customs and quirks preserved, instead of being carried off in the tide of mass culture. A very informative and entertaining review. Tom Barnes

May 21, 2002
11:58 am PDT