The Great Halloween Treat

The Great Halloween Treat

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The Great Halloween Treat...A Treat for Preschoolers (Resurrecting the Oldies)

Oct 15, 2006 (Updated Oct 16, 2006)
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Pros:*Cute story
*Colorful illustrations
*Sturdy, fun flaps


The Bottom Line: The Great Halloween Treat is a fun flap book for toddlers and preschoolers.

Reading lots of holiday children's books is one of the things that makes the holidays feel so special to me. Halloween is one of the holidays that has many, many books that children can delight in.

The Great Halloween Treat is a book filled with costumes, flaps and fun and is one of the books that my daycare children keep asking for.

The Story

This book is a very repetitive story of some animals that are ready to go Trick-or-Treating. The first door they knock on opens after:

Knock! Knock!
“Trick or treat?”

When you lift the first flap, which is door surrounded by a web, cauldron and a broom, we see a cow in witches costume and a bubble that says:

Cobwebs are a witch’s treat,
But there’s something nicer
Down the street!
Try next door.

The costumed bear, lamb and raccoon then proceed to the next door and the next always with the same replies to go to the next door.

Near the end the two page spread shows the animals, still with empty baskets and at the last house. The drawbridge door flap has all of the costumed animals from the previous doors and says:

Surprise! We tricked you!
Wasn’t that fun?
Come in, there are treats
For everyone!

The Illustrations

The colorful illustrations in this book are done with just enough detail to make them fun to look at, and there is just the smallest amount of Halloween scary to them. Nothing that will frighten even the youngest child, but just enough to give that great Halloween feel.

The text is a very large black font except when you open the doors, then the text underneath is very small. I do have trouble at times trying to read and hold up the book while holding the flap open.

My Feelings

I really enjoyed reading this book to my daycare children ages 3 - 5 years. They learned very quickly that when I said “Knock, Knock” that the response would be “Trick or Treat” and would repeat that part. I like when a book grabs children in this way because not only are they listening but they are becoming familiar with the written word as well. The repetition of these lines makes the story one that they love to really listen to.

There is nothing scary in this book, the costumes are cute and colorful and the pages fun to see. I think children as young as 2 years and up to around 5 would enjoy hearing this book as well as looking at it by themselves.

The way the illustrations are done is so cute and I love that the doors are there on each page. The pages are thicker and even though this is a library book, all of the flaps are in tact. It is a sturdy book that I think would last for many Halloweens.

Nuts & Bolts

The Great Halloween Treat
was written and illustrated by Suzy-Jane Tanner and was published by Harper Festival a division of HarperCollins Publishers in 1996

This 18 page book is recommended for children 2 - 5. I feel that is a great age recommendation as even young children have fun with this one.

The jacket price on this book is $5.95 US and $7.95 CAN.

ISBN: 0694007056

A BIG Thank You to Arianej for adding this book to the database for me. Thanks, you're the best!

This book is part of msmorvay Resurrecting the Oldies Write-Off. Please see Rae's page for other entries.

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