Stay Alive

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Oct 18, 2006 (Updated Oct 18, 2006)
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Pros:Original story

Cons:Some bad dialog and acting...

The Bottom Line: I would recommend this one to hard-core gamers and fans of horror and gore. This will appeal to the younger gaming generation.

Stay Alive 2006


Stay Alive is about a group of serious gamers that get a hold of one BAD GAME! In fact the game is deadly. If you die in this game you die in life, and in the same manner. So if you get a knife through the neck in the game you can be certain you’ll be getting a knife in your neck shortly. Talk about pressure eh? After the first couple of gamers turn up dead in the same manner that they were killed in the game the remaining group catches on. They try to track down the game developer and quit playing the game. This was a good idea but the game decides to play anyway. The game is after the entire group that read the seance. As the game kills the characters it goes after them in life.

Swink, Bitch, that's cheating! I'm not even dead yet!


I wasn’t expecting much after reading the reviews of Stay Alive. I was expecting Attack of the Killer Tomatoes after reading the reviews. It wasn’t that bad. Although the dialog and acting could have been much better the story and special effects are decent. I thought the story was very original. The directing was decent. Some of the special effects got my wife’s attention. During the movie the gamers had to choose their characters, a weapon and say a seance to start the game. The CD movie also lets you choose a character, weapon and then it goes to the seance. This is when my wife flipped out and said NO! I laughed… I hope I don’t have an untimely death tonight. If you came across a VHS tape that said The Ring, would you watch the tape? The thought the CD design was clever.

All of the actors / actresses are fairly new and the acting shows. Some of the script is witty and some is not. The shotty script makes their job more difficult. The film had some possibilities, but they were lost on a low budget and some goofy dialog. A lot of people would not enjoy this film. However a lot would enjoy seeing this movie once. Especially fans of the horror genre and hard-core gamers. Just keep in mind that this is mediocre horror film. I don’t regret seeing this film once. Anytime I see something completely original, that’s worth something. I give Stay Alive three stars and would recommend it for the Halloween spirit.

Directed by William Brent Bell
Jon Foster as Hutch O'Neill
Sophia Bush as October Bantum
Frankie Muniz as Swink Sylvania

Rated [R] Language / Violence / Death / Gore
Runtime: 1 Hours 25 minutes

~ Top Ten Horror Films

Thanks for the read,
© 2006 Joe McMaster

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Movie Mood: Scary Movie
Viewing Method: Other
Film Completeness: A few glitches, but mostly complete.
Worst Part of this Film: Script

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