Would Love It If Not For Lighting Problems

Oct 21, 2006
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This would be a great cooktop -- if it worked. From the very first days of use in my new home, some of the electronic igniters did not work, or they would only work about 25% of the time. Gas flows, but there's no spark. An appliance repairman supposedly fixed it. He said something about shorts in the wires or bad connections and that we should call him if it happened again. The stovetop worked better for a few months after that, but now it's worse than ever. Only two of the five flames work consistently.

I've been using it for almost two years. I just use a lighter instead of the electronic ignition. How stupid for a $1000 stovetop.

On a more positive note, the flames burn well, the supports are rugged, and the simmer plate works great. I can even make Apple Butter (which takes several days at a low temperature) without scorching it.

I wish it started well. If it did, this would be a great stovetop.

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