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Oct 22, 2006
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This router is more than I could ask for. I have 2 wired desktop computers and 2 wireless laptops conneted to it and they share files and printers without a problem. The range on this router is very good. My sister's laptop is 7 walls+3metal pipes+40 feet away from the router and she gets on average 2 mbps which, if you don't know is enough to surf the internet of full potential using DSL (~700 Kbps). My laptop, being about 6 feet away from it gets, of course, 54 Mbps (the max speed). When i Take it to the living room (3 walls away + 15 feet of empty space) it gets 48 Mbps. However I would like to see my sister's laptop get at least 5.5 Mbps, but 2 Mbps is still good enough for her (Before I said ON AVERAGE, it means that sometimes it gets to 5.5 Mbps...)I also like the look of this router, it isn't bulky like my stereotype of an average linksys router.


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